6 Bras That Solve Every Summer Outfit Problem

Summer is around the bend, and that means tank tops, halters, backless numbers, and plunging necklines abound. Your choice of the bra is key. In order to avoid unsightly bra straps and the like, here are the six bras that will work supportive wonders under any summer top.

For Backless Tops

For the sexiest barely-there tops and dresses, only a backless bra will do. When you can’t go braless (or simply don’t want to), reach for an adhesive bra like this.

For Halter Tops

For those neck-embracing tops and dresses, wear a bra that matches the sexy silhouette. Sure, you can go strapless, but we tend to opt for a halter bra to add a little extra support. This particular style even has a removable elastic band for those days you throw on a racerback!

For Plunging Necklines

When you want to rock a plunging neckline or deep V-neck but need the support, reach for a bra that mimics your exaggerated neckline.

For Strapless or Off-the-Shoulder Tops

With all of the off-the-shoulder dresses and tops this season, a good strapless bra is a necessity. Strapless sizing is tricky: Find a full cup to prevent overspill and size down in the rib cage to keep it snug. Shop for a convertible style, like this one from Simone Perele, so you can wear it with and without straps, as you like.

For T-Shirts and Filmy Tops

Cotton tees are thin and tend to show bra lines and lumps without forgiveness. T-shirt bras are lightly lined for shape and made of a silkier fabric to prevent clinging.

For Tanks Tops, When You DO Want a Pop of Color

The only acceptable time for your bra straps to pop out is when you mean for them to. For example, we love a tank that exposes a fun color stop that coordinates with your overall look. Just ensure the setting is appropriate, and certainly refrain from wearing one to the office. To keep the look fun and not overly seductive or revealing, layer your top over a long-line bralette.

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