There is a fall theme calendar with sex as the theme, underwear, handkerchiefs and eye masks… but it is not cheap

If your Christmas pre-Christmas period is fairly dull or stressful, then you may need to count down during the entire holiday season.

Bijoux Indiscrets claims to have created the “world’s first” sexy advent calendar, which is “a commitment to women’s happiness.”

Known as 12 Sexy Days, people plan to launch a new toy, accessory or experience every other day.

It is designed for women, allowing women to “enjoy their body” and feel “strong sexy”.

But the creators assured us that they can also explore the advent calendar with their partners.

These 12 items come from the brand’s most iconic accessories, including underwear, garters, nipple pies and other emotional products such as bracelets and handcuffs.

Behind each door is an accessory and product guide detailing how to use the item.

Marta Aguiar, CEO of Bijoux Indiscrets, said: “We want to commemorate our 12th anniversary by celebrating women and their sensuality, collecting our 12 most representative products to help them feel unstoppable for 12 consecutive days. Sexy.”

But the alternative price cut calendar is not cheap, letting you go back to £194.95, but it’s still around 40% of retail value.

If you are looking for more sex-themed good things, the same company will also sell sex toy-themed sex toys.

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