Kate Ridge looks incredible new summer lingerie movement

KATE Ritchie is no stranger now.

The actor turned to the radio host once again undressed the underwear brand Jockey, showing the brand’s latest spring and summer lingerie collection in a warm photo shoot.

The 39-year-old co-hosted Nova’s radio show with Tim Blackwell and Marty Shergold, and she wore a floral outfit that looked incredible – this is her third time Underwear brands do this.

Ritchie, who married former rugby player Stewart Webber, shot her first ad for the brand last July.

Her second activity, “She Wears Pants,” was launched to support women who want comfort and confidence rather than following the “outdated ideals that women should wear”.

For her latest collection, called the “I am” series, Rich said that underwear is “to celebrate our identity as a person.”

“Celebrate all the characters and all the elements that make us complete while reflecting on our

past and present. It’s this news that really caught me because I happened to think

(Sometimes!) We need a reminder that we deserve to be celebrated,” she said in a statement.

“It’s important to make time for this and be satisfied with who we are, just like us.”

Ritchie previously told news.com.au about her role at the Jockey Club, saying that she would give up her campaign in order to allow her to bravely participate in some of the things she had discovered.

“I did something even more terrible, but what I learned was to be brave,” she said.

“Brave may mean different things to different people. I believe people will laugh at me and say that it is ‘brave.’ Yes, I am not fighting fire, but it is a challenge for me.”

Ritchie said growing up on Home And Away means her body is often scrutinized, which gives her a “thicker skin” during adulthood.

“I don’t think my growth process is more difficult than anyone else because I am doing it publicly,” she said.

“I just thought it was different because I did spend a lot of time with people commenting on the fact that I have entered adolescence.

“[Someone will say] ‘Oh, my God, you are not so fat in real life. ‘I have always grown up in those comments. On the one hand, when you are a vulnerable teenager, it makes life change. It’s tricky, but then it teaches me to get used to it, everyone has opinions.

“But at the time I thought it was very difficult.”

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