7 Sensual Ways To Work Lingerie Into Your Everyday Look

Lingerie is a work of art; who can resist all of its lacy, silky, satiny, translucent goodness? Despite bras, panties, and the like frequently being dubbed as “intimate-wear,” we think there’s no shame in flaunting them in the light of day — and many of your favorites agree. Take fiery singer Lizzo, pictured above, looking like a total snack by simply topping a pair of blue jeans with a sultry corset.

Here are seven ways you can turn your favorite nighttime staples into day-wear.

  1. Try a teddy
  2. As model Barbara Ferreira demonstrates above, the lingerie teddy is an ultra-sensual substitute for the typical bodysuit; they often incorporate textures like mesh and lace and can be found to offer more effective chest support
  3. Suit up
  4. Lorde pairs her lacy lingerie with a billowy two-piece number — the perfect option if you’re looking to exude just a hint of sex appeal.
  5. Get tight, get right
  6. Take a cue from model Nadia Aboulhosn and throw a corset over your fave oversized tee for an instant bad bitch vibe.
  7. Just ditch your top
  8. Princess Nokia flips the script on the traditional, preppy Chanel ensemble by allowing her bra to be standalone.
  9. Slip into something slim
  10. Model Diana Veras takes on the slip dress trend in its most genuine form — don’t neglect the negligee.
  11. Lose some buttons
  12. Sultry Queens-based singer Dounia offers an easy option to achieving the intimate-wear trend by simply disregarding her top buttons and bring her bustier.
  13. Play with transparency
  14. This approach is most definitely risqué, but as model and artist Yaris Sanchez proves above, a sheer layer atop your intimate-wear makes for an iconic look

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