Mariah Carey has a room full of lingerie

American superstar Mariah Carey has revealed she has an entire room dedicated to her lingerie collection.


The chart-topping singer has given her fans a behind-the-scenes look into her glamorous lifestyle via an ‘MTV Cribs’-style video for Vogue magazine, and during the guided tour of her home, Mariah revealed just how much she loves wearing sexy underwear.

The blonde beauty quipped: “I guess I dress up a lot, but if I had my way, I would just wear lingerie and walk around the house. Agent Provocateur, darling!”


Mariah also revealed her most treasured possession used to belong to Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.


As she continued the tour of her jaw-dropping abode, Mariah explained: “I have Marilyn’s white piano upstairs in my living room and it’s from when she was a child and it’s my prized possession.


“I love the glamour. There’s just something about that specific era where it’s, like, magical.”


The ‘We Belong Together’ hitmaker is also the proud owner of a bright pink Birkin bag, which was given to her by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Mariah revealed the retired sports star gave her some very specific instructions about the gift, too.


She shared: “He told me every time someone asks, make sure they know it’s a gift from Floyd.”


Meanwhile, Mariah recently admitted that despite being one of the best-selling musicians of all time, she still suffers from low self-esteem.


The singer admitted to having fragile self-confidence and said she can still vividly remember being a poor aspiring singer.


Mariah explained: “I just feel like I am a regular human being and I deserve the same respect as anybody else.


“I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that.”


She claimed, too, that her biracial background has led her to question her own social standing.


Mariah reflected: “Growing up different, being biracial, having the whole thing where I did not know if I fit in … That is why music became such a big part of my life because it helped me overcome those issues.


“Sometimes it is hard to let your guard down.”

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