3 Ways to Coordinate Your Lingerie

Few things are sexier than a well-fitting bra and matching briefs on a woman’s silhouette. It has been revealed that most women, especially those in the dating pool with a great sense of fashion, love to coordinate their lingerie. It’s commonly accepted that wearing matching lingerie is a fantastic way to start the day, boosting your confidence and making you feel super sexy! The average woman owns about 3 to 4 times as many panties as she does bras and takes special care to wash them after each use. Hence, matching your lingerie every day can seem almost impossible but with these steps below, life would sure be a whole lot easier! 1. The 3-1 ratio rule:  Generally, it is Okay to wear your bra at most 3 times before washing. This means that you need a minimum of 3 matching panties to see you through till the next wash; hence the 3-1 ratio. Tip: When shopping, for each bra you purchase you can also buy multiple panties in the same or in a similar style, to ensure that you will always have a bottom to match.


  1. Launder in sets: Always wash your matches (coordinating lingerie sets) together. This way you avoid creating an annoying selection of mismatched bras and briefs.
  2. Coordinate:

–  Colours: Go for colours that can easily be matched to each other simply by sharing the same colour shade. If like me, you own mostly black bras, chances are you’ll have an easy time finding an array of black panties to your liking.

– Solids & patterns: Pair a natural-coloured print pattern with bras in colours that compliment them. For example, mix a leopard print pant with a brown-coloured bra or vice versa

. – Textures & Colours: Stay creative – pair similar fabrics and colours together. For instance, mix sheer/lace pieces together even in different colours or hues.

– Keep the panties plain: To make life simple, especially if you don’t know how to colour block (and couldn’t care less) wear your pants in a neutral colour (beige, brown, grey, black and white) to avoid clashes.



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