Athleisure: How Baseball Influences Fashion

How Baseball Influences Fashion

For those who don’t know, the Athleisure trend is a hybrid fashion style, which arrived with everything in 2022, and having won the hearts of many fashionistas and celebrities, it continues this season.

But what does baseball have to do with this trend? The answer is pretty easy! Athleisure consists of combining styles: the sporty one, with sweatpants, biker shorts and sneakers, for example, and the more elegant style, with blazers and tailoring. You can be sure that by combining these two styles, you will create incredible and very fashionable looks.

If you are still in doubt about how you could put together looks with this style, you can rest assured that in this post I will show you some options for looks that look amazing and super stylish, and you will feel like the famous fashionistas who have already joined this trend.

The biker short is a super sure bet! Grab that biker short you wear to the gym, a sweatshirt and sports shoes. As for accessories, opt for a leather bag, it can be a small one to put aside like the one in the photo, and of course, you can’t forget sunglasses and gold jewelry, to give it a more elegant touch.

If you notice, most of the time we see women using this style, their hair is more aligned, like buns and tight ponytails, so that all the strands stay in place. A tip is to pass gel on your hair so that no strand is left up.

Other pieces that cannot be missing from an Athleisure girl’s wardrobe are sweatpants and blazers. This joint is simply wonderful! Keep in mind that one of the key points of this style is comfort with elegance, so you’ll see sneakers in most outfits.

In the look above, you can see the sports items that are sweatpants and sneakers, and to give a vibe of elegance and power, we see the combination with a blazer, knit top, and sunglasses. As I said, the hair is neatly laid out, giving the impression of being well-groomed.

You can also bet on colors, like this Hailey Bieber look for example. She chose to combine the color of the blazer with the boots, in this case with a pastel green tone, which is a super trendy tone for this year.

You can see that in this look she didn’t choose sneakers, but boots, which add more sophistication to the look along with the blazer, and in the sportswear, she wore sweatpants and a basic cropped top. As I said, accessories can’t be missing, and it combined really well with these dark glasses with a bigger frame, and more elegant jewelry.

This look worked really well, as it could have been a look to go to the gym, plus a long coat plus a luxury bag, it gave the look a makeover, transforming it into a very elegant combination, even more so due to the choice of colors, which they are more neutral and at the same time modern. It’s that super comfortable look that at the same time leaves you very tidy to complete your day-to-day appointments.

Now that you understand why Athleisure stole the hearts of so many fashionistas, I’m sure that many of you wanted to join this trend in your looks too.

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