Hottest denim trends in 2023

Denim is not new in the fashion industry. Every fashion trend that has made a wave, including denim, keeps evolving. Year in and year out we wait to see what’s different in some fashion trends and how we can rock them.

The year 2023 seems fashion ready as we are impressed with the fashion statements already being made with streetwear and more. In this article, we have compiled some of the hottest denim trends of 2023, and we are ready to get our jeans and swag on.

Hottest denim trends

1. Patched denim

Always Wonder Patchwork Denim Jeans
Always Wonder Patchwork Denim Jeans

The patched denim we might know may be the ones with patched logos and images. But this year’s trend of patched denim comes in a more advanced and mature design. This denim comes with several patches that’s usually a mixture of different denim shades. If you think the one tone designs are starting to get boring, you might want to try this out.

2. Two toned denim

The two-toned denim jacket can also have more than two different denim shades. The idea behind it is to have several patterns on the denim with different shades. Denim may have existed for a very long time to be tagged casual, but this unique pattern elevates it by a mile from being regular casual wear.

3. Ripped denim

Zipper Fly Ripped Detail Wide Leg Jeans
Zipper Fly Ripped Detail Wide Leg Jeans

Ripped jeans and boot cut jeans is a common y2k trend that has never died down for once. Every year, it is a trendy outfit and streetwear that a lot of people can’t get enough of. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it among one of the hottest denim trends yet again this year

4. Pant with Jacket combo

It is almost impossible these days to make any fashion trend completely outdated. Especially with the way Gen Zs usually find a way to add modernized twists to old trends and make them trendy all over again, they sure can make yet another beautiful comeback with a denim pants and jacket combo. They seem to know their way around these (fashion) things and they can make it look classy whether buttoned up or unbuttoned.

5. Cargo denim

Cargo pants in the form of denim look like a trend that will be adopted by many. Whether it comes in the traditional blue jean color, or in other colors, it is going to take the streets by storm. It is not going to be hard to pull off as it can be rocked the way regular cargo pants are already being rocked.

6. Denim lingerie

The typical picture that comes to anyone’s mind when lingeries are mentioned is sexy cotton, satin and lace lingeries. But trust fashion to be anything you call it or denim to be anything you want it to be. If they can pass as pants and tops, then they can pass as lingeries too. The fact that it still looks fashionable regardless is enough to go on with the trend. You can pair this shapewear with a pair of matching denim pants or a leather skirt for a complete look.

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