Calling It: Shapewear Trend is About to Best Choice For New Season

How to choose a body shaper: the best tips for you

They are not just amazing and special pieces, modelers are powerful lingerie items, capable of leaving a slimmer waist, abdomen, breasts, and hips firm, and legs and back contoured, among other benefits. There are no rules and no obligations to adopt one of these pieces, but it is important to know that modeling lingerie is an ally that can help us feel more secure, powerful, and comfortable inside that wonderful dress, with tight jeans, or on any occasion. Now we are going to tell you about this piece that will be a strong trend in Autumn and all the secrets of these pieces that are increasingly used and loved by women of all silhouettes and sizes, how they work, and tips on how to use them.


Sculptshe Tummy Wrap Waist Trainer

Very popular among women, the waist trainer resembles a corset, with the advantage of being very comfortable, as it features high-compression fabric and flexible fins. This piece shapes and refines the waist region, in addition to improving posture, leaving the back straighter. Models vary in size and can be used after surgery and childbirth. In gyms, it became a craze to practice exercises, helping to eliminate abdominal fat faster.

Tips: Versatile, the strap can be used with any type of clothing, as it does not prevent the use of your favorite bra and panties. In everyday life or at a party, it will make your silhouette firm and slimmer, whether with tight, fitted blouses or dresses.


Sculptshe High Waisted Shaper Panty Brief

A practical piece with many attributes, the shaping panties combine comfort and compression in the right places, helping to firm the hips, butt, waist, and back. There are several models, from basic to the ones with very high waistbands, which can come with straps to keep the piece from getting out of place. There are also options with padding on the butt, offering volume and contour. In other words, it’s practically a wardrobe staple!

Tips: As it replaces normal panties, it can be used with any type of clothing. Just choose the suitable model. For example, the high-waisted one is perfect for wearing with fitted dresses. The one that covers the entire butt does not mark under thin fabric pants.

Shaping shorts

The great advantage of shaping shorts is that, in addition to shaping the abdomen, waist, hips and back (in the case of high-waisted pieces), it also helps to firm the legs, even preventing cellulite from appearing under the tightest clothes. Just like some panties, there may be padding in the butt. For those who have thick thighs, it still avoids friction between them, which can even cause injuries.

Tips: In addition to dresses and skirts, it is perfect to wear with tight pants or even thin fabric, as it makes the legs firmer and toned. This piece offers a lot of safety and comfort to rock on every occasion, enjoy!

Body Shaper

Sculptshe Full Coverage Postpartum Recovery Sculpting Bodysuit

The bodysuit is the most complete piece you will find and can be used as a bathing suit or full body shapewear. It may or may not have cups and rims, in addition to presenting varied necklines on the back. Reducing the abdomen, shaping the breasts, making the back region more uniform, and enhancing the curves are some of its benefits. The body shaper has the advantage of creating a more harmonious whole look, providing a feeling of security and firmness.

Tips: The bodysuit replaces the other shaping pieces, creating a shapely base for any type of clothing, from the tightest to the fluid and light ones. Like the t-shirt, it can also be used as a regular bodysuit in place of a top or blouse.

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