Care About Greasy Hair? These Hairstyles Come To Your Rescue

We have all been in that rusty situation where our hair hasn’t been washed in a few days. Not because you have been lazy, but because life doesn’t seem to pause for a moment to even catch our breaths.

Well, when life gets messy, hair may be the last thing on our minds, and sometimes it’s okay not to deal with it.

However, when you are out and about in public, greasy hair is the last thing you want to showcase.

Today is your lucky day because here we have a few hairstyles that can tide you over, even when dry shampoo seems to have failed you.

If you care to not evidently show your greasy hair, these hairstyles can rescue you!


Buns whether messy or low are the quickest and easiest hairstyle to manage when the hair becomes greasy for fresh curls or blow-dry.

While they may be easy, they are also stylish when you just make them with the right technique. For example, for messy buns, the hair doesn’t need to be tamed. Just pulling it away from the face and tying it over with a hair-tie can save you all the trouble.

With buns, you can also make them stylish by adding in braids making them into – Bruns. For this method to work, make a ponytail, braid the tail and then just tie it around in a bun, securing with either bobby pins or a hair tie. It’s that simple!

Half-Up Top Knot

This up-do is for days when your hair is greasy, but it is still manageable to leave it open. While buns may be the go-to, a half-up top knot can be the next easy style you may want to opt for.

This up-do requires you to gather half of your hair and tie them at the top of your head in a small bun. Next, you can either add waves and light texture to the remaining hair. Adding waves is optional. If you choose not to then the hair tying part is the end!  

Leaving a few strands of hair to provide some dimension at the front will also help make this top knot look chicer. You can also always add in some clips or bling to the top-knot.

This updo easily allows you to cover your greasy hair with the top-know, while remaining stylish and maintaining a clean look!

Bubble Braid

A newer take on the traditional braid, this type of braid is not only a treat for you, but also for passers-by. The bubble braid not only hides your greasy hair in no time and without the use of any extensive products, but it is also a braid that can work on any occasion.

The bubble braid simply requires a few hair ties and just sheer excitement. To make the braids fancier for weddings or such events, add pearls or flowers to get that Rapunzel look!

Greasy hair can sometimes be a hassle, however with the right hairdo, life can seem happier again. While greasy hair if left open and alone can become a problem, with a nice hairstyle even they can seem minty fresh!

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