Shoes Every Women Should Have in Her Closet

If you are fashionable women, you should stick to shoes that boost and flatter your style more. On the other hand, you tend to choose all-purpose and basic shoes to suit a wide range of your outfits. Today’s trend is that you want to enjoy fashion while spending yourself comfortably, rather than being fashionable for someone. When choosing shoes, the best condition is that they are easy on your feet and easy to walk.

This time, I would like to introduce women’s coordination of sandals, mules, pumps, and sneakers that suits every style, and of course, it’s comfy to wear in long time usage. You can expect a style up because it looks fine.

These are shoes that every woman should have in her closet. They will give you a gorgeous look regardless of the style of the clothes you wear.

This shoe is a total showstopper, this style can easily be fancy or casual. The heels are super high but surprisingly comfortable. I have read many reviews saying how comfortable the shoes are. You will receive so many compliments when you wore these shoes. They fit perfectly, and they are easy to walk. You can dress them up with a skirt or dress, or they look amazing with only jeans and a top. However, these shoes will glow up any outfit. 

Another must-have item is flat shoes with a square toe that makes your legs look beautiful. It’s easy to put on your feet and you can wear it daily because it doesn’t have heels, but it’s a beautiful item so it’s recommended for women! They are comfortable to walk in and does not get tired when worn for a long time.

The basic and simple black color makes it easy to incorporate into your casual outfit and it is also delivered feminine touch. A simple flat shoes that are good in any clothes, it is good if you have one pair in your wardrobe.

Square toe boots are the one you need to look fashionable this season. These boots have a croc pattern that is neat and elegant to suit any coordinates. It’s made so that it can be worn by every woman and doesn’t look too cheap or too casual because the high-quality material is like genuine leather.
If you combine short boots with pants, it will make it look chic and trendy. These also featuring feminine designs which are pointed toe for a refreshing touch, just show your ankle for a fashionable look.

For those who want to heel up firmly but are worried about tired legs, these chuncky heel is recommended. This pair is perfect for daily use with a timeless and simple design. The strap design and the moderately high heel create a feminine step, and the nude color adds a sense of luxury and elegance. The middle heel is easy to walk, so it is recommended for those who are not familiar with heels. It goes well with jeans and wide trousers, and it will give you a presence and update your style as well. These strap heels makes your legs look thin and beautiful as you can show nailart.

This lightweight platform sneaker from Zara is perfect for every day and casual coordinate. The platform sole adds a casual feel, making it easy to incorporate into your casual style. The all-white color is feminine, and of course you can wear it all season as well.

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