Elle Macpherson on why shopping for lingerie should be fun, not scary

Elle Macpherson has over 25 years of experience as a lingerie designer, and even more in the industry as a model. Yet, she says, for many women, the same problem that has always plagued us still exists; a lack of confidence.


“First of all lingerie shopping is best when it’s fun,” she tells The Telegraph. “When I get fitted in the correct size, it can make such a difference to how I look and also importantly, how I feel.”


It might seem rich for a supermodel nicknamed ‘The Body’ to be dishing out the advice, but since she launched her Elle Macpherson Body collection a year ago, two years after parting ways with the ‘restricting’ Intimates line that she established with Bendon in 1989, Macpherson has been committed to designing realistic yet stylish lingerie with a ‘something for everyone’ approach. Also, she is right. No matter what your size, you will feel good if you’ve got a comfortable, flattering bra on underneath your clothes. Better still if it’s got some gorgeous design detail to admire as you put it on in the morning.

“I think we’ve moved on from that overworked lacy aesthetic,” she says of the sleeker, more simple look that she champions and its modern-day appeal. Indeed, in the year since she has entered the market, much of the old guard of sexy (including brands like Agent Provocateur) has shown signs of crumbling. “I’ve designed Elle Macpherson Body to be the antithesis of traditional lingerie,” she adds. “The wearer is modern, bold and confident, and can be any age or shape. With every style I design I aim to blend a feeling of sexy and sporty.”

Her favorite styles right now, she tells us, are the Zest and Dash bras, the former being her choice for “whether I’m taking my son to school, going out with friends, or on the road working”, and the latter being a front-fastening style for evenings. “I often turn my back when I get changed so back detail is very important to me,” Macpherson notes. “It is overlooked and people focus all their attention on how things look from the front. My all-time favorite is Dash – it’s beautiful with and without clothes.”


That practical-beautiful crossover point is something Macpherson has always been interested in. Her original design vision back in 1989 was to offer something “as a counter to Calvin Klein. I wanted the femininity of European lingerie, with an American fit,” the 53-year-old previously told us. Still now, if the boudoir brands are too frilly for your taste, yet the elasticised Calvin that is now popular again is not supportive enough, you could do a lot worse than to look to Macpherson.

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