Shopping in lingerie is terrible, which is why

“Underwear shopping is too difficult,” I told my husband in three weeks. I looked at the photos of the half-naked woman on the computer and prayed that no one walked in and asked what I was doing.

I imagine myself wearing a tight leather garment. But somehow, I know that I will never be like that. My hair didn’t fall on my shoulder. My breasts will never seduce temptedly from the corset – I have been breastfeeding for more than a year and have noticeable sagging. How can someone want to see me, a new mother, dressed that way? ,I wonder. I think my underwear is not sexy enough.

We are moving in the right direction.
Fortunately, I married a man who did not discourage me and found beauty in my new form. But I did not accept myself as he did. I know that the clothes look a bit similar to the models on the models and are frustrating. The process of underwear shopping reminds me that I don’t conform to the beautiful image of society.

Usually, I force myself to look at my negative emotions and buy something. This is a boycott and reminds myself that I should be represented. Millions of women shared my point and the organization is working to fill some aspects of the diversity needs, such as NAJA and their “Nude for All” series. Sadly, these efforts have little effect on body diversity – even their underwear models are thin, mostly white or light skin, and have very loose curls or straight hair. There is no universal solution, so despite the diversity of tones, my body type is still not represented.

The lack of diversity in underwear is not just a race issue – it involves scale, unrealistic physical goals and market homogeneity. As with everything, the intersections in our regions are most affected.

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