I hope you have had the chance to read some of the articles we have released recently. If all these choices have left you wondering how to pick a piece of lingerie for a special person in your life, then read this article!

It will help you determine what you need to know in order to make an informed and thoughtful decision. Then, you can check out different methods for choosing that perfect gift. Lastly, there are a few essential tips to remember when buying lingerie for that special someone.What to Know

What to Know

1) Sizes

Most women wear more than one size so it is important you know the range. If you have consensual access* to her underwear drawer, then conduct a study of the tags on her current collection. Check several bras, several pieces of underwear, and several loungewear pieces.

2) Fabrics

The fabric is as important as size and they should be noted together. A woman may wear one size in stretchy fabrics (mesh, stretch lace, cotton with spandex) and another in structured fabrics (100% silk, 100% cotton, polyester satin). You also need to know what fabric she prefers: cotton, lace, mesh, stains, etc.

3) Colours

Make a note of which colors she has in her wardrobe and, equally importantly, the colors she does not have. These two pieces of knowledge will give you insight into her color preferences. You can observe this is her clothing wardrobe as well as her lingerie wardrobe if you have access.

4) Styles

Taste differs widely and it is important to note what she likes. Look for themes in her wardrobe such as cute, frilly, bondage, glamor, androgynous, etc. The style is often reflected in outward clothing as well. Again, noting what she does not have is just as important as what she does have!

5) Brands

Brands are important for a couple of reasons: they connote quality and ethics.

What to Remember

1) Gift receipts

Always get a gift receipt with your purchase. This is essential in case the sizes you chose do not fit. Also, it gives your intended receiver the option to exchange the gift if you accidentally purchase something they will not wear or do not like.

2) Presentation matters

Like all gifts, it is the thought that counts and thoughtful giving consider not just the item but the experience of receiving the item. Ask the boutique to wrap the purchase (after removing price tags) or buy some pretty wrapping paper and do it yourself. I always recommend a gift box for lingerie. This way she can keep the box and use it to store the lingerie if she chooses.

3) Remember that this is a gift

A gift belongs to the person who receives it. Giving lingerie does not entitle you to any special privileges, like her modeling it for you or you taking it off of her. This gift is for her pleasure and her happiness – it is not on your own.

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