Why pretty pastels are taking over lingerie trends this season

What used to be considered ‘for the bedroom only’ is increasingly becoming acceptable for day and evening wear – the slip dress, pyjama and robe dressing and are big trends of late, and although we’re not proposing you wear these pretty pieces as outerwear, a suggestion of them under a sheer blouse or silky slip would certainly be welcome. And should they not be seen, then perfect, because of lingerie, after all, is the one thing that we can wear purely for ourselves.


There’s a movement towards romantic feminine fashion and lingerie has followed suit. Black will always be sexy and dramatic, but a dusty rose offers a gentler aesthetic, the nude tones kinder in terms of under dressing and a hint of a strap in a pretty pastel is much chicer and understated. Boxers are a great option in terms of comfort especially if you are averse to the violation of a G-string.


Most women still prefer underwire bras for the support they offer, the balconette – meaning ‘little balcony’ – the bra is an enduring and flattering style. On the brighter end of the pastel spectrum is this turquoise, Victoria’s Secret, who puts on the most famous and over the top lingerie show in the world, favoured it in last year’s parade by opening with a set in the blue toned shade, take or leave the Chinese dragon accessories as you wish.

On the subtle (and let’s face it more stylish) end of the spectrum was the recent fashion where the runway was awash with pretty lace and floral embroidery. The precision cut and delicate lace of this set from swimwear and lingerie has a high price tag but is sure to make you feel a million dollars.

Traditionally white lingerie is for brides and newlyweds but rules are made to be broken and there is something special about a stark white lingerie set, it’s seductive and Puritan all at once. It was inspired by vintage designs with this range, evident in the luxurious silk and floral lace details. Divine.

Fashion is clearly obsessed with lingerie at the moment so there’s never been a better time to overhaul your underwear drawer. And it needn’t be saved for best, designers these days engineer their pieces to last but do invest in a wash bag, consider a delicate detergent, and always keep it nice.

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