Here is the best agent because LINGERRIE is now turning right

My friend, this holiday season is coming, which means that it is almost time to reunite with friends and family, celebrate your blessings, and present thoughtful gifts to your loved ones from the bottom of my heart.

However, there is no doubt that women in your life should get something more sexy, which is why you should look at the gallery above to get some inspiration, and the ten pieces of Agent Provocateur’s sexiest underwear will look like your girlfriend. , wife, mistress, etc.

But we did not stop because there were only 10 sultry appearances. Below, you’ll find the top three choices of the most enticing lingerie set in my luxury lingerie collection.

But before you continue to buy some very good underwear, you know how to buy it is crucial. Here’s the basics:

1. Understand the BRA size
Bras come in two sizes: strap size and cup size. The strap is the size of her chest, as the name suggests is the strap of the bra. The size of the cup is because of how big her chest is, such as the bust, and the size of the bust that is much larger than her chest.

This is an example: the bra size 36C indicates 36 is the size of her chest and C is the cup size. simple!

2. Know her size
The underwear needs to be the right size to fit perfectly and look good, so you absolutely need to know her size. If you don’t want to ask her what size bra and panties to wear directly, please quickly check her wardrobe and check the label.

3. Understand her style
Does she like lace? Is she a bright and colorful underwear man, or does she prefer simple black? Will she wear a sexy woman dressed comfortably… or be more modest? All things to consider.

4. Don’t worry
After seeing the price of these garments in the nature of sexy lingerie, you may be a bit nervous, bras and panties cost hundreds of dollars. But guess what? Underwear is not cheap, especially if it is high-end. obvious. In other words, be prepared for a little investment.

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