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Find lingerie for your shape

Buying lingerie can be a scary prospect for some women. Skimpy may often equal sexy, and this can lead to thoughts of body issues. That’s certainly not sexy! With Relax: Choose the right lingerie look for your body can be simple with our guide below!

Choosing the right lingerie

The first thing to remember is that no matter your body type, never buy anything that accentuates your problem areas. If you have issues with your stomach, try to find a piece of lingerie that is less tight and more flowing in this area. If you like your chest, choose something that is tighter and offers more cleavage, making that the focus of the outfit.

If you are worried about your weight, choose darker colors because they have a more slimming effect. (They also can be used to promote that “bad girl” image that many men find sexy, so choosing black or a dark color could have a twofold benefit for you!)


The goal: You want your lover’s eyes to drift to your sexiest areas…

not the ones you are uncomfortable with.

Not all lingerie in every fabric is going to look good on every woman. (If that were the case, there would not be so many types on the market!) So here’s a guide to choosing the most flattering lingerie for you:

Tall women

If you are tall, you are going to look best in the traditional bra, panties, and garter belt look (shown above). This will show off your long legs, and offer a classic beauty that most men find incredibly sexy. If you are going shopping, look for sets that contain all of the items mentioned above to save some money and forgo the hassle of trying to put a new outfit together by matching separate pieces.


Athletic women

Boy shorts are made for you! This is actually the case for most women who have a nice butt — regardless of their athletic prowess. These are hot because you can go topless and have your man begging for your attention, or you can opt for more of a tease and add anything from a bra to a slinky robe that only shows off your shorts when you are ready.


Check out this great ruffled mesh boy shorts from Fredericks of Hollywood — they may call it a boyshort, but it’s as girlie as girlie can be!


Petite women

Go with something that has a long slit along the leg. This slit, whether it is a long, silky gown or some other form of lingerie, will cause your lover’s eyes to roam up the slot and will make you seem much taller than you are.

Plus-size women

If you are full-figured or overweight, you have many of the same options as women who wear smaller sizes. Many women, especially those with a bigger chest, prefer corsets because this gives them a chance to show off their chest and to make some curves when the corset sucks in the waist, giving you that voluptuous look.


Teddy and one piece negligee sets also work well. Go with dark, rich colors that work well with your skin tone for an added effect. This curve-enhancing corset from Lingerie Diva is soft-boned and adjustable, making it a great option for lots of us — petite or fuller figured!


If you’re a bigger woman, there are many shops that deal with just the type of things you will be looking to purchase. One of the best I have found is called Hips and Curves. They offer a selection of lingerie for all different types of women. Frederick’s of Hollywood is another excellent choice for all types of women, plus size or not.


Meanwhile, if you are of a smaller size, it offers a wide selection of apparel that you will look absolutely delicious in for Valentine’s Day — or any day of the week!

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