How to Choose That Perfect Baby Doll Lingerie


Although the baby doll style of lingerie has been around for years, the designs have changed quite a lot during that time. If you are new to buying baby doll lingerie, there are a few things you should know before making your purchase.

Which baby doll is right for you?

– The Color: At first glance, color seems like the easiest choice to make, but there are some factors you should consider. For starters, what type of look are you going for? For an elegant look, deep jewel colors are an ideal choice. For an innocent look, pastel colors do the trick. For a pure look, white is the best baby doll color to choose. For a more dominating look, red or black are the colors to choose. On that same note, you can mix up colors; for example, opt for a solid-color baby doll with colored trim.

– The Fabrics: As with colors, you have many different fabrics to choose from. Also, consider use. There is sheer, printed, silk, and velvet baby dolls available, just to name a few. Moreover, you can get varying trims and embellishments; examples include fur, feathers, or beads. However, caution is advised when buying these lingerie pieces. Too many embellishments may take away from your original goal; to highlight your body’s beauty. For that seductive look, use detailing to your advantage; use detailing to strategically draw attention to specific parts of the body. This approach is best for full-figured women who have the goal of hiding larger parts of the body and bring attention to the smaller ones.

– The Skirt: As you know, a trademark of the baby doll is the skirt. You can play around with the style of the skirt to find that perfect fit. Varying skirt lengths make finding that perfect fit for body and shape easier. If you have long legs that you want to show off, opt for a skirt that stops in the middle of the butt region. If you have short legs you may think a longer skirt is best, but it can also make you appear too thick and stocky.

– The Bodice: Choosing a baby doll based on the bodice is easy; it all depends on your breast size. If large breasted, you want a bodice that has underwire and added support. If small breasted, you want one with a padded cup; this padded cup will enhance cleavage. Detailing in the breast area can also help to create an attractive look and shape.

In short, the baby doll has been around for a while now. Although it has evolved slightly over the years, it is still a favorite among women. The simple design creates the desired effect; it draws attention to desired and specific areas. Whether you want to spice up life in the bedroom or just feel sexy for yourself, a good babydoll can do that for you. While the styles are very similar, the designs do vary drastically; choose the design that best compliments your body and brings out the inner goddess in you.

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