Jackets are the best third piece that exists to elevate an outfit. A simple shirt and a good jean can become a completely different look if we add a jacket or a blazer. In this order of ideas, depending on how much we want to make the look more formal or towards what style we want to direct it, we have a fairly wide range of third pieces style jackets to choose from.

They are, as we said, blazers, for a little more formal occasions or to achieve that sporty chic style that has conquered us so much in recent years. In the other hand, for a slightly more casual, carefree and cool look, there are the bomber jackets, which are that perfect step between a boring basic outfit and a cool basic outfit. However, sometimes it’s not so easy to know which outfits can look good or which really don’t fit with a bomber.

But first … what is a bomber jacket? in The Trend Spotter says that ‘A bomber jacket is a military flight jacket that originated during the First World War when pilots required warm and durable outerwear for flying.’ That is, like many other pieces, women acquire them from the men’s wardrobe. Even in those early years where it was almost exclusively for aviation, civilians gradually adopted them until they became what we know today. They are traditionally made of leather, but currently we can get them in any type of fabric or texture. Even colors.

5 ways to wear women bombers jackets

1 With a sporty chic style outfit!

The quintessential mix to achieve a sporty chic outfit is that we mix a little more casual pieces with sports pieces. In general, it has to be a balanced mix. But depending on your style and personality you can look more or less elegant. Adding a bomber jacket to this type of outfit will give it a cool and risky touch to convey that you can also be creative with your look.

2 As a color touch in a total black outfit

We all love total black outfits, but we also know that sometimes we have to add something that makes an impact. A bomber jacket of any color that makes a contrast or that has some different details, will be that point of focus that will take our total black outfit to another planet.

3 Matching the bomber jacket with your outfit

The easiest way to combine it is by making it part of the color palette of the outfit that we wear. That’s all! You’ll look amazing.

4 the leather bomber is the perfect piece for a more edgy or rocker look

If we have a basic outfit and we want to give them a rocker, grunge or edgy touch, depending on our objective, the leather jacket is our best friend and the rest are pieces that can enhance the style we want to reflect.

5 Do them the perfect final piece for a monochromatic outfit

If you wear everything in one color, it is sometimes very difficult for a piece to stand out. However, if you have a bomber jacket, you can do the opposite, and give your outfit that perfect finishing touch for a monochromatic look.

What is your favorite way to dress a bomber?

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