Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day

There are tons of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day no matter if you are solo or have a special someone in your life. You can get into the season of love with some playful and festive nail art. There is no time like the V-day to get a little whimsical with your nails. It is the perfect excuse to adorn your fingernails with glittering hearts and multiple shades of pink.

If you are looking for some love-inspired nail art inspiration, you are in luck. From girly to plenty of edge, you will love these Valentine’s Day 2022 manicure ideas.

Flash of Neons

A lil splash of fluorescent pink is flirty and fun without being overly romantic. A neutral background helps even a small stripe stand out.

A Little Wild

If you find that you do not have a steady hand, well that is not a problem. You can let the heart-shaped nail stickers do the job for you. Carefully paint the pink, white, and red arches around the nail tips. Use Q-tip to clean up any lines and then paint a top coat gloss over them.

How About Some Sparkles?

What is a V-day celebration without a little glitter? Pair a Barbie hot pink shade with accent nails on each hand swathed in rainbow glitter varnish. They would definitely get you into the mood.

Little Bitty Hearts

The teeny hearts are too cute. Put on some powdery shades on this ombré manicure to keep the look from being overly saccharine.

Classic Red Nails

Do not underestimate the power of a sexy, bombshell red on Valentine’s Day. Paint your nails a perfect va va voom shade of red.  Then, press a small heart sticker in the top center of the nail bed after they are dry. This simple nail art adds a flirty take on a classic hue.

Black Negative Space Nail

If you prefer something that is not red or pink, then these chic nails are for you. Use a fine tipped brush and tape to help you trace the perfectly straight lines and heart shape.

Barely There

Do you prefer a minimalist design for Valentine’s Day? Well look no further than this. The best part is that it is super simple to recreate. Once you have applied a neutral base, take the brush of your chosen shade and wipe off any excess polish on the sides of the bottle. Then graze a short small line across to create a totally dreamy, whimsical design.

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