Ocala Messi’s lingerie stands on fire; suspect

Ocala Messi’s lingerie stands on fire; suspect

The police in Ocala are looking for a woman who said they set fire to “Lingerie” at Macy’s Paddock Mall.

Firefighters found a shelf on the bra on fire
Macy’s must evacuate and then ventilate
Ocala police said a woman was on fire
The police said that Macy’s started a sprinkler around 11 o’clock. When Ocala Fire Rescue arrived at the scene, the clerk evacuated the customer.

The crew encountered a slight smog inside and eventually found the origin of the fire – the chassis of a bra-filled shelf.

Before people can go back to the side, the staff extinguished the fire and ventilated the building.

Ocala police said that the surveillance video showed a dark-skinned woman who looked like a light-colored hair running through the store and said she set fire to the shelf. She saw a light shirt and suit in the video.

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