Sofia Richie releases sexy pictures on lingerie: Remind Scott Disick what he has?

Although 35-year-old Scott Disick celebrates the 21st birthday of Kylie Jenner in Los Angeles on August 9th, his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, is 39 years old. Years old, his current girlfriend, Sofia Richie, posted a very lively photo on Instagram. The 19-year-old is clearly absent from Craig and Delilah – both venues are played by Carl Jenner. Instead, she shared a photo of herself wearing a sexy lace-trimmed corset. Is she reminding Scott of what else he has? As the fans of the reality TV star family will know Kourtney – he has three children with Scott – since the break of the 25-year-old model boyfriend Younes Bendjima in July, he is free again and single. What does that mean for Sofia?

Scott and Kourtney broke out in 2015, but they lived together in their lives, and they gave birth to their children, Mason, 8 years old, Penelope and Reign, 6 years old. The relationship between Scott and Kourtney has been very tight but things have become more and more friendly recently. I don’t think Sofia has noticed! An insider who once told Hollywood lively said: “Sophia really worried about the changes she saw in Scott, with every text and phone call between Scott and Coulty, Sophia feels When her boyfriend slipped and returned to the embrace of Courtney. At the same time, Kourtney was shocked to see that Scott became public after breaking up from Younes on August 7. Another source told us, “He usually gives her such a tough time and is always looking for ways to make fun of her but they talked about him yesterday, he is completely on her side.”

As for Sofia, whether her latest underwear post is a less subtle message for Scott, this is anyone’s guess. But her fans certainly think so. When commenting on her Instagram photo, one person wrote: “When Scott and KK are together, U home.”

Another added, “Poor thing [when you know that the man you love goes out with his baby mom.” Another fan wrote, Mark Scott, “You are awesome. @letthelordbewithyou, you should I feel very fortunate to have this girl in your life. She is amazing. “Scott has no news of this photo.

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