Oland’s fashion designer reflects the only Emmy nod on the show floor

Fashion designer Terry Dresbach won her second Emmy nomination for Outland

er on Thursday – but the recognition was a bit confusing. As in previous years, the addictive Starz drama has been overlooked in major categories, such as the heroine (Caitriona Balfe must do, TV Academy?).

We checked with Dresbach about her recent nod and what she remembered most when designing clothes for the third season of the show.

I have to wonder if you are used to being sloppy and marrying Ronald D. Moore. Before the Outlander even hit the small screen, he was ignored by the Battlestar Galactica.

Try to predict its rhythm or reason, you just can’t go there. You get their praise and you will be grateful to them. Ron is a professional in this area. Battlestar Galactica is of course a groundbreaking TV film that everyone knows, but he has never won anything. You look around and when you don’t win, you will see your company. It’s ok! This is really good. You can’t go there. Nothing is available.

Now you have some thoughts on the third season’s clothing, because you just finished the fourth season. How challenging is that year?
The design for Season 3 is very, very low-key. This is a transitional piece, whether on the screen or behind the scenes, because we are going to South Africa, the show is moving to another country. To maintain this and the challenge of shooting on board, we know that Season 4 is coming, and we know it will be a huge design proposition, just like Season 2. We did design the third season very small, but when it was over, Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) had as much clothing in season 3 as in season 2! Most of them were in the 20th century, not the French costumes of the 18th century. But Outlander’s workload has never been small. We always think that we will build a small season and we will never do it. It is as big and huge as everything else. The fourth season is even bigger. This is a charming season. We have done two centuries and forty years about Outlander’s approach to fashion design.

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