Picking Your Perfect Honeymoon Lingerie

You’ve had a fabulous wedding, now it’s time for you and your new life partner to celebrate your love!

Whether you’re jetting off to a sandy paradise or taking a road trip to a cozy B&B, we’ve got the lingerie to make your honeymoon as memorable as possible.

Let’s get sexy with some personalities we’ve created to narrate your first special night away as a newly married couple!

Vintage Vixen

Get ready for your love’s jaw to drop when you walk into your room in this ravishingly red ensemble!

You’ll feel like a sexy movie star in the full Gatsby at Night get up of a flattering balconette, a sweet garter skirt you can wear with your favorite stockings, and a sexy little bikini panty.

Bring them a glass of champagne in this number and the rest of your night will be picture perfect.

Precious Pearl

Let your partner revel in the treasure that you are in this pearly white bridal babydoll. The semi-sheer cups will perk you up, and little lace frills just about cover you up … but not completely.

Be sure to grab some stockings to complete the sweetly sexy Pearl Babydoll!

Satin Seductress

Because you’re a fashionista who revels in the finest of fabrics!

This mixture of shining satin and lace in this Lingerie is a balance between sexy and romantic, giving your partner just a little indication of what’s waiting for them tonight. You also get a little panty underneath as a surprise, and a low back for a sensual modern touch.

Bridal Bliss

What’s more darling than wearing bridal white on your honeymoon?


Make your partner remember the wedded bliss of your special day with some romantic white lace that lets a little bit of your skin show through. Tied together with a silk ribbon waist, you’ll love reliving your special day in this sexy number.

Red Ravisher

It’s time to let out your inner sireness in this jaw-dropping, figure-revealing teddy.

This leaves very little to the imagination, showcasing your cleavage through lace kissed cups while a strip of lace cascades down your body. Your beau will love how amazing your body looks in this  Teddy, although we’re sure it won’t be on for long!

What do you think you’ll wear on your honeymoon?

How to Find Lingerie for Your Body Type

How to Find Lingerie for Your Body Type is a question that  annoys every women, but don’t worry, I hope you know to do it after you read the article.

Shopping for a bra and panty nowadays is pretty utilitarian to most women. You buy a bra to enhance your breast shape and keep the headlights at bay, you buy the panties to complete the outfit and protect your lady parts from unforgiving pant fabrics. But what about lingerie as a whole? Mostly, we go for those lacy underthings because they make us feel stylish, strong, sexy or all of the above. But how do we decide which pieces to buy, aside from what your halter top or see-through blouse requires, or what you’ve seen trending on Instagram? It’s all about fit! Here’s how to shop for lingerie for your body type.

Broad Shoulders

If your shoulders are wider and a bit more broad, compared to the rest of your slim waist and legs, a flared babydoll is your go-to. A babydoll can flatter your shoulders and the flared bottom will give volume to your bottom half, balancing out your figure top to bottom.



Your breasts and hips are equally proportioned, and your waist is your smallest measurement. The perfect styles for hourglass shapes is anything that’ll accentuate your waist. Try a set with a garter belt. Not only are they super nifty for stocking occasions, but it emphasizes your waist.

Itty Bitties


Small chests don’t need as much support, and sometimes ditching the bra is an obvious option. If your straps are always falling and strapless bras tend to become a belt when you hit the dance floor (the YMCA is tricky) try out a racerback bralette.


Your body is smaller up top: smaller chest and narrow shoulders, and your thighs and booty are on the thicker side. Draw the eye from top to bottom and show a little skin. A plunging neckline or strong graphic print will do the trick!


Being petite all over means you can wear tops meant for smaller chests that are meant for fashion over ‘function.’ Go for styles that have volume without overwhemling your petite shape.


Having a bigger bust doesn’t make it ‘easier’ to feel sexy in lingerie. Your top half may be ideal to fill out a cute bra, but if you have a smaller bottom or narrower hips it becomes a challenge to shop by set. In order to balance out your busty top but smaller bottom, try a panty with a thick waistband or high waist.

Long Torso

Having shorter legs and a longer torso is sort of a blessing this season since high waisted everything is all the rage. Try a high waisted bottom, or go for a lacy crop top set to draw the attention to your legs and shoulders.

So do you know how to choose lingerie now, I hope you already have your ideas.


Why pretty pastels are taking over lingerie trends this season

What used to be considered ‘for the bedroom only’ is increasingly becoming acceptable for day and evening wear – the slip dress, pyjama and robe dressing and are big trends of late, and although we’re not proposing you wear these pretty pieces as outerwear, a suggestion of them under a sheer blouse or silky slip would certainly be welcome. And should they not be seen, then perfect, because of lingerie, after all, is the one thing that we can wear purely for ourselves.


There’s a movement towards romantic feminine fashion and lingerie has followed suit. Black will always be sexy and dramatic, but a dusty rose offers a gentler aesthetic, the nude tones kinder in terms of under dressing and a hint of a strap in a pretty pastel is much chicer and understated. Boxers are a great option in terms of comfort especially if you are averse to the violation of a G-string.


Most women still prefer underwire bras for the support they offer, the balconette – meaning ‘little balcony’ – the bra is an enduring and flattering style. On the brighter end of the pastel spectrum is this turquoise, Victoria’s Secret, who puts on the most famous and over the top lingerie show in the world, favoured it in last year’s parade by opening with a set in the blue toned shade, take or leave the Chinese dragon accessories as you wish.

On the subtle (and let’s face it more stylish) end of the spectrum was the recent fashion where the runway was awash with pretty lace and floral embroidery. The precision cut and delicate lace of this set from swimwear and lingerie has a high price tag but is sure to make you feel a million dollars.

Traditionally white lingerie is for brides and newlyweds but rules are made to be broken and there is something special about a stark white lingerie set, it’s seductive and Puritan all at once. It was inspired by vintage designs with this range, evident in the luxurious silk and floral lace details. Divine.

Fashion is clearly obsessed with lingerie at the moment so there’s never been a better time to overhaul your underwear drawer. And it needn’t be saved for best, designers these days engineer their pieces to last but do invest in a wash bag, consider a delicate detergent, and always keep it nice.

Choose The Perfect Bridal Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent months searching for your perfect wedding dress, but have you thought about what you’ll wear underneath it? Choosing the right underwear and lingerie to wear under your wedding gown is just as important as the dress itself – you want it to be comfortable yet sexy and supportive yet sleek. Some brides like to wear their bridal lingerie underneath their gowns the entire day, while others will choose to go a more practical route and wear something comfortable. When considering your bridal lingerie, make sure you ask yourself these questions to find the right fit for you.


What lingerie works with my dress?

Before you start dreaming of all the sexy lacy things you might want to wear to surprise your groom on your wedding night, start with the most practical question of all: what lingerie works with my dress? Depending on the type of bridal gown you have chosen, there will be different options available. A-line and ball gown dresses are fairly forgiving, meaning that you’ll have the most options in terms of underwear and bras. However, if you have a strapless or halter dress, you’ll have to choose a bra that accommodates those styles. Mermaid, trumpet and sheath dresses are less forgiving, meaning that you’ll have to find seamless slips or underwear and possibly shapewear to make everything look smooth and neat underneath. Backless and low-back dresses will require sticky boobs, adhesive tape or even pasties to keep you from revealing too much accidentally. Think about how you can avoid panty lines while also keeping everything supported underneath your dress in a practical sense, then start thinking creatively.


What type of bra should I wear?

Unless you feel totally comfortable going bra less on your wedding day (we still recommend sticky boobs or pasties to keep things PG), choosing the right bra for your dress is equally as important as choosing the right pair of shoes. Keep in mind what your style of gown allows: some dresses provide enough coverage and wiggle room for you to wear a normal everyday bra, a bustier or even a sexy corset underneath. Bustiers are often seamless yet provide more support than a typical strapless bra, making them a good choice if the bodice of your dress allows for it. There are also bras made to accommodate low-back styles, both strapless and with straps. These convertible bras are versatile and often work well underneath moth wedding dress styles. However, backless gowns, low cut gowns or sheer gowns all will work best with an adhesive bra with cups that stick at the sides. If your dress falls under one of these categories, double sided fashion tape is your best friend on your wedding day.

What type of underwear should I wear?

If you’ve got a princess style ball gown, or anything with a large skirt, you can wear any underwear you’d like. Boy shorts, full coverage panties, sexy thongs – all of the above will work well underneath your gown. However, if your dress is a little more form-fitting and made of a less forgiving fabric, you’ll need to find a seamless option that won’t leave you with unsightly panty lines on this important day. Even though they aren’t the most sexy, seamless nude panties, shape wear or seamless thongs generally work best with slinky, form-fitting dresses. If you decide to go this route, you can always change into your special bridal lingerie after the reception.



I hope you have had the chance to read some of the articles we have released recently. If all these choices have left you wondering how to pick a piece of lingerie for a special person in your life, then read this article!

It will help you determine what you need to know in order to make an informed and thoughtful decision. Then, you can check out different methods for choosing that perfect gift. Lastly, there are a few essential tips to remember when buying lingerie for that special someone.What to Know

What to Know

1) Sizes

Most women wear more than one size so it is important you know the range. If you have consensual access* to her underwear drawer, then conduct a study of the tags on her current collection. Check several bras, several pieces of underwear, and several loungewear pieces.

2) Fabrics

The fabric is as important as size and they should be noted together. A woman may wear one size in stretchy fabrics (mesh, stretch lace, cotton with spandex) and another in structured fabrics (100% silk, 100% cotton, polyester satin). You also need to know what fabric she prefers: cotton, lace, mesh, stains, etc.

3) Colours

Make a note of which colors she has in her wardrobe and, equally importantly, the colors she does not have. These two pieces of knowledge will give you insight into her color preferences. You can observe this is her clothing wardrobe as well as her lingerie wardrobe if you have access.

4) Styles

Taste differs widely and it is important to note what she likes. Look for themes in her wardrobe such as cute, frilly, bondage, glamor, androgynous, etc. The style is often reflected in outward clothing as well. Again, noting what she does not have is just as important as what she does have!

5) Brands

Brands are important for a couple of reasons: they connote quality and ethics.

What to Remember

1) Gift receipts

Always get a gift receipt with your purchase. This is essential in case the sizes you chose do not fit. Also, it gives your intended receiver the option to exchange the gift if you accidentally purchase something they will not wear or do not like.

2) Presentation matters

Like all gifts, it is the thought that counts and thoughtful giving consider not just the item but the experience of receiving the item. Ask the boutique to wrap the purchase (after removing price tags) or buy some pretty wrapping paper and do it yourself. I always recommend a gift box for lingerie. This way she can keep the box and use it to store the lingerie if she chooses.

3) Remember that this is a gift

A gift belongs to the person who receives it. Giving lingerie does not entitle you to any special privileges, like her modeling it for you or you taking it off of her. This gift is for her pleasure and her happiness – it is not on your own.


Each new year brings an increased awareness of unethical materials and manufacturing processes used to create the everyday garments we wear. Unethical clothing is not just rampant, it is the norm. The majority of people wear chemically laden clothing produced by child labor, slave labor, and underpaid labor. As a lingerie blogger, I am keenly aware of the difficulties facing women and men who wish to buy ethical undergarments.

Ethical lingerie is somewhat of a vague term – in that it means different things to different people. For some, ethical is all about the manufacturing process: whether workers are paid a living wage and provided decent working conditions. However, terms such as living wage and fair trade are difficult to quantify. What wage is acceptable? Enough money for food and housing; enough for food, housing, and clothing; or more? Fair trade stipulates a better price for the farmer, yet hardly tracks whether that extra money is distributed to all the workers.

For others, ethical lingerie is primarily about the components of the product:

The materials used are synthetic

The materials used are crop-based and/or

The materials used are organic

Crop-based materials include plants such as bamboo, cotton, and hemp. These are considered sustainable as they can be replanted. Synthetic and crop-based materials are considered less harmful than animal-based products such as leather, fur, and sometimes silk and wool (neither silk nor wool require the death of an animal – in fact it is preferable they live – therefore there is conflict over whether or not these animal by-products are ethical).

What’s Ethical?

Ethical labour and ethical material are quite difficult to ensure when buying lingerie. A bra is composed of wires, fabrics, hook and eye closures, rings, and sliders. Many different fabrics can be used to make one bra: cotton lining inside the cup, a stronger fabric outside the cup, foam, lace overlay, extra-strong mesh for the band, elastic straps, ribbons, and more. All of these parts are generally sourced from different factories. How does one ensure that each and every component of such a complex product was made of sustainable materials and sourced from factories that participate in fair wages and work conditions?

When our understanding of ethical lingerie is simply material or labour based, there are some limits.

Decorative lace may be made of synthetic or crop-based organic materials (thus avoiding animal cruelty and increasing sustainability) but most lace goes through a chemical bath to dissolve away the layer on which it was produced. Furthermore, dyes used in lingerie are generally toxic – not just to us (the skin is the largest organ and it absorbs what we put on it) but also to the environment.

Therefore, many people believe that ethical lingerie must consider the environment: material must be produced in a non-toxic fashion that minimalizes environmental pollution from chemicals, dyes,  excess fabric. Dyes must be non-toxic, excess fabric recycled or reused, and chemical use kept to an absolute minimum.

Under an environmental model of ethics, fabrics such as bamboo (a renewable resource often used for ethically produced clothing) become questionable as the chemicals used to breakdown bamboo into a useable fibre (for making fabric) are toxic and the volume of water used in the process is formidable. This does not even take into consideration the amount of deforestation occurring to plant bamboo

for our use (not for the endangered panda), which in turn has further ramifications on the environment.

Organic cotton is pesticide free: as a result, organic cotton crops have a higher waste output than non-organic cotton crops due to infestation. Part of organic cotton’s price is not just the pleasure of wearing pesticide free underwear; it is also to cover the cost of crop damage resulting in a lower yield and a higher waste.

Now, I am not here to tell you whether your definition of ethical is correct as I feel that any step towards buying ethical is a step in the right direction. If that means starting with labour practices and moving to organic fabrics later – that is admirable. We all change at our own pace.

Whatever your definition of ethical lingerie, now is a great time to start substituting ethical brands for everyday basics. The following is but a small compilation of resources to help you wear healthier undergarments: healthier for you, healthier for the environment, and healthier for the people who make them. As an intro to ethical lingerie, I have concentrated on companies with accessible price points.


Bridal lingerie for your wedding day

There is so much focus on choosing the perfect wedding dress for your big day, that many brides forget about what they are going to wear under the dress. Bridal lingerie is a crucial part of your outfit and can make a real difference to the way you look and feel throughout the day, so you should shop for your lingerie well in advance to be sure you have got it just right.

Should I aim for comfort or sex appeal?

When you think about bridal lingerie you might be more concerned with the groom’s reaction on the wedding night than with how comfortable it is going to be.  Don’t forget that you will have to wear it all day, however, so there are a few practicalities to consider. You can always buy a sexy night dress to slip into when you and your new husband get to the honeymoon suite.

Bridal lingerie materials

When you are deciding on the type of material for your bridal lingerie you will need to consider how warm it is going to be.  If you are having a mid summer wedding you will want to choose cotton or possibly silk, but synthetic fabrics such as nylon should be avoided. Corsets or bustiers are currently very fashionable wedding undergarments as they can give more definition to your waist and bust, and they are particularly popular in tapestry or satin fabrics.

What color underwear should I wear?

The color of your bridal lingerie will depend very much on the color and material of your wedding dress.  You should remember, however, that white underwear is not always the best option, even under a classic white dress, and can often show through.  Choosing off-white, ivory or flesh colored lingerie can prevent your perfect dress being spoiled by glaring underwear.

Where and when to buy your bridal lingerie

It is worth visiting a specialist retailer and having a professional fitting for your wedding underwear. A huge proportion of women regularly wear the wrong size bra and having a professional fitting to get the right size can improve your whole posture and body shape as well as the fit of your dress.

You will need to consider the style of your dress when choosing your underwear and an expert should be able to advise you on this. If you are wearing a strapless or backless dress you will need to find a supportive bra that fits under the dress, particularly if you are well endowed. Even a dress with sleeves may need a particular shape of bra to be sure that the straps do not show and spoil the look of the dress.


If possible you should buy your wedding lingerie in time to take to your dress fitting so you can make sure it doesn’t show.  Because you will be wearing your underwear to the fitting you might want to steer clear of anything too raunchy to avoid embarrassing the dress maker.


Bra Fitting and Lingerie Store Secrets Professional Bra Fitters Want You To Know

Ask any bra fitter about their favorite part of their job and they’ll likely say it’s the moment of joy that comes from helping a woman find a bra that truly fits. Bra fitting is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, but it does come with its own unique set of challenges.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of women visit lingerie stores for new bras. On any given day, you can find bra experts fitting women who have never been fit before and offering style and fit solutions for the most challenging bra problems.

It’s a bra fitter’s job to help women find the best bras for their body shape and budget. They spend countless hours learning the new products, memorizing the brands, size ranges, price points, and key differences between styles, and, most importantly, teaching women about bra fit and bra care.

While providing a fun and seamless shopping experience is near the top of their list, bra fitters also want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your lingerie. After all, lingerie stores are stocked with the prettiest bras and panties for a reason!

Whether you’re getting your first bra fitting or your twenty-fifth, here are 10 bra-fitting and lingerie store secrets professional bra fitters want you to know:

  1. Get to know the sales associates at your favorite lingerie store.2They’ll take note of your bra size, budget, and the brands you like and call you when a style goes on sale or when they get a new bra in that you’d absolutely love.sign up for the lingerie store’s email newsletter and be sure to follow them on social media.


    By subscribing to the email newsletter, you’ll be the first to find out about sales, store events, new shipments, and coupons and promotions. It’s also a good idea to follow the social media pages of your favorite specialty stores and department stores,

    3 Call ahead or check online for the store’s hours before visiting.

    Since the hours of operation can vary from store to store, you’ll be able to plan your day better if you know when they’re open. Many stores also offer extended hours during the holiday season, so it’s smart to plan ahead.

    4 Appointments for bra fittings aren’t mandatory, but they’re helpful if you’re shopping for a special occasion, bridal lingerie, or a new bra wardrobe.

    5 With an appointment, you’re guaranteed scheduled one-on-one time with a bra fitting professional. If you’re making plans to visit the store in a few days or weeks, why not call ahead and schedule an appointment?

    6 Pick clothes that are easy to take on and off (like t-shirts and leggings or a comfy dress and flats) so you won’t waste precious time adjusting your outfit in the fitting room.

    7 Not all stores sell t-shirts, so it’s best to bring your own. By trying on a potential bra under a t-shirt, you’ll be able to determine if you like the shape of the bra under the shirt and if the bra is seamless enough to wear underneath. If you’re shopping for an event, be sure to bring the top or dress that you plan on wearing. This quick tip helps a lot with reducing the number of bras you return!

    In addition to helping you find the best bras in the store, checking the fit of the bras you try on is a big part of a bra fitter’s job.

    8.  Bra fitters can help you find a replacement for a favorite worn-out bra.

    Don’t be afraid to bring a favorite old bra with you. Bra fitters will do their best to find a close match or introduce you to a new bra that’s even better.

    Ladies Night is a special event organized by lingerie specialty stores to educate and inspire. Most Ladies Nights take place after the store is closed, so you have the whole store to yourself.

    Just don’t forget to remove the store tags after purchase!

    Wear something comfortable for a day of shopping.Bring a favorite t-shirt with you on your next bra fitting or lingerie shopping trip.Don’t be shy in asking for a second opinion.Lingerie stores host the best Ladies Nights.Yes, you can absolutely wear your new bra out of the store!

How Lingerie Empowers Women, And Not Just Sexually

We live in a world where people make assumptions about us women strictly by the clothes we wear and the purses we carry. But what about the inner goddess hiding behind that expensive Versace blouse and Parasuco jeans?

A true woman who knows how to unleash that inner goddess understands that the first step is by beginning with the right foundation garments: lingerie.

Feeling good in your lingerie is imperative, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek at you in it or not.

But nowadays it seems as if lingerie is solely a sexual or intimidating thing- something that is only meant to be seen by your partner in the bedroom; something that is to be worn for someone else; something that stays on for 2 minutes and ends up on the bedroom floor anyways. But all these notions are very wrong…

Lingerie can and SHOULD be about more than just sex; and although it helps in being visual eye-candy for someone else, lingerie should be something that women buy and wear for themselves that makes them look and feel as good as they deserve.

What all women need to realize is that the point of sexy lingerie is not necessarily for your partner to see you in, but just for the fact of yourself knowing that you have it on.

Nowadays, lingerie has become a vast world of more than just bras and panties, but of corsets and teddies and bustiers and stockings and garters and slips and robes and the list goes on. There’s intricate laces, sparkling gems, beautifully placed ruffles, cute ribbons, and much more embellishments on these undergarment pieces that help create remarkably sexy lingerie that should allow it to be discussed in the same way we discuss the latest fashion trends and beauty products.

Modern lingerie should not have the two extreme opposite functions of either being for the bedroom or as a piece of garment for women to protect their private parts. Lingerie should be a fashion icon that symbolizes women empowerment; that signifies femininity, sexiness, and to inspire women all over the globe.

Lingerie can be used as a refuge for who you are on the inside, as it allows you to express who you really are no matter what brand or style of clothing you are wearing on top.

We all know that women have multiple facets of personalities and emotions and lingerie lets us express all of that when we don’t want to project them to the outside world. Perhaps sometimes we are feeling romantic and dreamy and that’s when we can pull out the pink and ruffle-detailed bra and satin panties.

Sometimes we are feeling flirty and playful and we can pull out the red push-up bra lacy thong. When we feel lazy and modest, we can pull out the lounge bras and cotton briefs, and when we feel cool and casual, we can pull out that t-shirt bra and boy short panties. And the list goes on whether we’re feeling mysterious, adventurous, gloomy, or low.

And for the women that just want comfort, settling for plain and boring undergarments such as shapewear and Granny panties doesn’t need to be an option, as nowadays lingerie creators are using the finest of fabrics for their products making comfort the new sexy.

One growing trend that all women should start to follow is the simple coordination of their lingerie. Accordingly, a matching pair of bra and panties has been proven to actually have an impact on a woman’s self-esteem. When the time and effort is taken to adorn your body in beautiful lingerie, it affirms your self-worth and boosts self-confidence. It ignites feminine creativity and when you think about it, it helps in taking yourself seriously, because let’s be real, do you even take yourself seriously when you’re lounging in PJ’s all day?

It is proven that when you feel your best is when you are at your best and people will naturally gravitate to you. Confidence in what you are wearing not only makes you feel good but it attracts people who appreciate those qualities.