6 Summer Nail Designs For The Holidays

Summer is finally here and that means that you definitely need new nails! Don’t make them boring this time! Check out the six summer nail designs for the holidays before going to a salon or doing them by yourself. You can use your imagination to create something so fun and lovely. Keep reading to find out more!

Summer is always reminding us of flowers and bright colors. Therefore, the first nail design we are sharing with you is decorating your nails with stickers. But, not regular stickers. These stickers look like flowers and they can be a really nice detail on your nails together with you manicure, or alone if you prefer more of natural nails. You can either use 3D nail stickers or regular ones.These stickers are always really affordable and easy to apply. Your nails will be ready in just a few minutes and you will be ready to go!

Quite simple nude nails with just a few nails that have some flowers on them will create the cutest nail design for this season. Since nude colors and shades are really popular right now, you will also have trendy nails which look really beautiful. Flowers are really beautiful and they look amazing on the nails so they might be the perfect choice for you!

Unless you are living under a rock, you know all about the pastel colors trend that is really popular right now! Pastel clothes, accessories, shoes and now – nails will complete the whole look and your look will definitely scream ‘Summer’. Since we already know that in Summer, we can play with colors more than ever, because we will be fitting in the colorful nature and the wonderful sunny weather, it is a good time to take your nail game on the next level. Your nails deserve a bit of a refreshment!

As we have seen on the previous image, another trend is also painting each nail into a different color. This pattern of coloring nails differently looks quite fun and different from everything we are used to. Usually just a few fingers have different designs or colors (most often only one per hand). So, this is really something new and unusual, but at the same time – really beautiful and cute! You don’t have to paint them with pastel colors, you can take one color and do multiple shades of it and it will look synchronized, as well.

Now, with this fifth design for the nails you can use this Summer, you can take everything to the next level and do something really special. And, quite different! Check print is something which has always been very included into fashion industry and outfits. We can use it on nails, but in the way where you can paint each nail differently, as we mentioned before, but this time the difference will be in the colors of check print. Good technique for do it yourself project at home would be to paint the whole nail and then take the nail remover. Remove from the places which you want to create the look for the nails you want. It may be the best to use some kind of a brush or something thin.

And last but, definitely not least, a trend about which everyone is talking right now – gradient nails with a pop of glitter. Glitter is what we need to break this boredom. We definitely need colors and sparkles so this nail trend will be something that will brighten up this season. Summer is there for us to express through our styles so don’t forget to play with fashion and nail trends and keep up with them. You can also always think of something new by yourself and make it a trend. Why wouldn’t you be a trendsetter this season? The possibilities are endless so it’s definitely time to wake up your creativity and make it do amazing things. Nature is slowly awakening and we need to be woken up, too. We need to create and be inspired.

Women love nails because they can always play with different designs, and choose something new each time. It’s always like a some sort of a game while entering the nail salon, you never know with which design you will leave. If you love trying out new things and following trends, be sure to try these out and see if they fit your own personal style and your personality in general. You will definitely love some of them. These Summer nail designs are usually something which you either love or don’t love at all. But, you must try them to see will you love them. And, you can add your own signature colors or details to make everything more close to your personal style. Be innovative, be stylish and always keep up with the latest trends in the nail designs. There’s always something new to try out and to start loving in the new season.

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