Heels are the perfect accessory that can pull an outfit together, whether for work, a night out or some special occasion. While heels look fantastic and give your look a boost, we all know that wearing heels is not the most comfortable footwear for our feet. Putting your body through long periods of walking on long point may cause you to be off-balance. Stilettos put stress on our back and knees because the rest of our body is forced forwards to keep balance. 

We can always rely on the comfort and simplicity that a pair of loafers provide. Though they do not always get as much airtime as boots, heels or sneakers, loafers are a great fashion alternative and look just as dressy for any occasion.

There is no need to do a shoe switch like the days of that working girl – wearing sneakers on the street, then a quick change under the desk into heels that you bring around during your commute. Today, it is all about the loafer. While they may not offer much height, their sensibility and comfort level are unmatched. Unlike a pair flats, loafers offer a much more comfort wear and arch support especially if you are on your feet all day.

These shoes offer more shock absorption, do no bend easily and offer more support around the top and sides of the foot. This will result in less pain on the foot such as heel or arch pain.  If you are always on the go, you probably take for granted how comfortable and effortless the loafers are.  

If comfort is your priority when it comes to getting dressed and the shoes you are going to wear, you will be glad to know that a number of comfortable and highly chic shoes that are emerging this year is the perennial favorite that does not really go out of style like the loafers. If you have been eyeing this trend but have not found a pair that you love yet, well no look further than these best loafers for women below. The styles range from trendy chunky loafers to chain-embellished and classic penny loafer. You are sure to find a pair that you love no matter your taste or budget.  

The Everyday Loafer

As a classic shoe, the allure of the penny loafer lies in its versatility and that is adding an elegant flourish to everything from oversized tailoring to maxi dresses. This sophisticated shoe that is still casual enough to pair with jeans on the weekend. 

Patent Leather Loafer

These classic leather loafers are definitely worth the splurge. Style them with ankle-bearing denim or crop pants, so you can properly show them off.

The Esther Weejun From Bass

This particular style from Bass, the American shoe brand famous for loafers, ticks the boxes on lots of traditional “loafer” details like boat shoe lacing, fringe, moccasin stitching, and tassels.

All Calf Midinette Loafer

This bow-adorned New York City classic is an OG loafer.  The iconic “Midinette” handmade style for women comes in a variety of color combos. This taupe with black trim is a solid choice that will literally go with everything. 

Zara Threaded Loafer

This pair of chunky and chic loafer is very 90s vibe.  Get one if you want to channel your inner Spice Girl look.

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