Kate Upton releases Lingerie Pic, saying she feels better a month after she announced her pregnancy

Kate Upton releases Lingerie Pic, saying she feels better a month after she announced her pregnancy

The 26-year-old supermodel is looking forward to her first child with MLB star Justin Wiland, who has spread her enthusiasm in her latest Instagram photos.

Just a month after she announced that her first child was pregnant with her husband MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, supermodel Kate Upton released a new photo of the underwear in a recent filming. Her headline tells fans that she is as confident as she is with her body and that she is better at dealing with health-related challenges every time she first experiences her mother.

In the title of the new Instagram photo released later on Saturday afternoon, Upton discussed the difficulties she encountered during the shoot, but thanked the people behind the shoot for making her look good.

“I was very ill in my first three months. It was difficult to pass this filming, but I am grateful to have such a great team around me. Now I have a new reason to appreciate my body! ”

So far, this photo has been warmly welcomed by Kate Upton fans because it received about 84,000 favorite photos and a lot of supportive comments from Instagram users in the first hour after launch. These users envy her. Appreciate “her body, even though she is pregnant. Several commentators said that they did not even know that the 26-year-old supermodel was pregnant, while others shared their experiences as parents preparing for the birth of their children.

Justin Verlander released a new photo of underwear in less than a few days after talking about the Bleacher report, and opened up news about how Upton “saves” his career and helped him through a period of depression. Do not suffer from potential occupational crises during the 2014 MLB season for shoulder surgery. He said that this is roughly the same time he and Kate started dating.

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