The Unconventional Guide to Nails 2021 Trends Summers

With every new season comes a new set of fashion and beauty trends but none are quite as creative as the nail art trends. After having spent lockdown embracing and trying their hands on perfecting the nail art, this season’s hottest 2021 nail art and color trend actually look like pieces of art. With designs like neon colors, swirls and chrome manicure, this year’s trend is all about optimism. Yes, the nails are back in full force with hot sunny days arriving. Are you in the mood to play with neon green? Or are you looking to upgrade your go-to neutral manicure?  To get a complete guide on what trending shades are going to be on your fingertips this season, it is time to put down those sheer pastel pink nail polish and start scrolling ahead.


The checkerboard began infiltrating the social media footprint since early this year. The pattern conjures a sense of nostalgia like the New York cabs, slip-on Vans or racing flags. The checkerboard fashion trend will continue to move onto the nails this summer. Spice it up with extra florals or just plain checkerboard as it is.

Get Into The Nostalgic Feeling 

Trends for 2021 are a more playful and vibrant aesthetic, similar to that of the Y2K era. Smiley faces from elementary school, cartoons and ’90s pop art will bring joy to your nails.

Yellow Mellow

Give your mood an instant boost with a joyful hit of bright sunny yellow. Neutral muted colors never go out of style but for this year, brighter and bolder shades will take the lead.

Negative Space

No one needs anymore negativity this year but when it comes to manicure trends, there is an exception. Negative space nail art is where the base color is nude or clear with a design at the tip. The best part is that this nail art requires less maintenance or touch ups and it is really great for chipped nails or regrowth nails because it is not noticeable. Opt for an abstract design over the negative space and a matte finish for a chic style.

Channel Your 70’s Vibe

The psychedelic swirls are everywhere and this is the latest style is taking over the world of nail art. Featuring abstract swirls of different colors and sizes which is a throwback to that era, psychedelic swirls are easy to DIY at home. This style is the perfect way to embrace maximalism this season. For more fashion info please visit

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