5 Best Fashion Movies to Learn How to Dress

5 Best Fashion Movies to Learn How to Dress

Everyone has a list of memorable movies. I even want to share a very different category with you on the list of movies you watch over and over again to cheer you up when you’re sad sometimes. Movies that influence your style in fashion, give ideas, even begin to embrace the fashion insights of the characters of the film…

These films include a book adaptation, the Devil wears Brand movie, which is first in line. In this movie, we see Andrea, who has been trained to be a stylish Miranda character and writer, struggling to get the job that Miranda had dreamed of after being her assistant for a year. Andrea, even though it’s hard, she’s not giving up her fight. So what can we say about the fashion style in the movie, one-word admiration? I share the styles of the two characters with you.

Andrea’s style in different shades of the same color; glove detail and hat aren’t great. It’s an old movie, maybe, but this coat can be used today.

Miranda’s style gives her the look of a boss. A black vest and white shirt create a serious and powerful look for the boss look.

In the Dressmaker film, we see Kate Winslet as Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage as a highly developed tailor-made fashion vision. Myrtle, who grew up in a town, had to be born very young and leave behind the country she grew up in. When he comes back after a long time, she’s a very different woman. She’s a brave, confident woman who knows how to dress well. The training in the fashion capitals of Europe has been a very good tailor. In a short time, she’s completely seducing the women of the town in her clothes.

With Audrey’s timeless style and her brand of fashion, I think every film of hers is special and inspirational. I want to tell you about its rather old but memorable production, Funny Face. Audrey, the leading actor of the 1956 romantic comedy Funny Face, is an unwell but philosophical young girl who works in a bookstore. I have to start with the ugly duckling theme and point out that it’s a film that goes to the majestic atmosphere of Paris and is memorable with its songs and fashion sense.

An entertaining movie made in 2009, starring Isla Fisher, that criticizes the modern world with comedic language about the shopping spree; Confessions of a shopaholic movie. Rebecca believes that the only meaning of her life is shopping; She dreams of working for the fashion magazine she sees as her idol. Although it was difficult, she got a job at a financial magazine from the same publishing group, although it came close to her wish. The subject of this business is shopping a lot for less money. For Rebecca, this is almost impossible.

As an Amelie movie fan, Coco Avant Chanel, where Audrey Tautou performed great acting, I would like to offer you the final suggestion. Gabrielle Chanel (Audrey Tautou) works as a tailor during the day while singing at night in a cabaret. Gabrielle gets the nickname Coco with a song she sings. As a woman in the fashion world, she revolutionizes her clothes.

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