Autumn Makeup Essentials You Need This Season

Makeup is an art Make the most of it

If people knew what processes and methods were behind make-up, they would really see this as art. For me, the makeup process is a pleasure. We will ignore the fact that half of my salary goes to buy make-up. But do you know the benefits of makeup? You can completely change the shape of your face, as well as look younger and fresher. There are many styles of makeup. It is interesting that even the seasons are an inspiration for a different style of make-up for me. In this case, it is important to harmonize the colors that suit you well and the colors that are the trend of the season. I think it’s high time we started talking about autumn and trends.

Autumn style of makeup

What is your first association in the fall? As for the colors, for me they are definitely brown shades and burgundy shades. This is the time of year when I like stronger makeup. Somehow I feel better that way, in harmony with the environment and the weather. I want to talk today about some of the basic things you need to have in your makeup kit this fall. Maybe you already have some of them, and maybe you want to buy something new and refresh your collection.

Dewy Foundation

This is something that is not so much related to just one season, but we need it all the time. After the summer, we mostly got a darker complexion, so we need a foundation that will give a fresh look to our face. Whatever the make-up style, I claim that the most important thing is to make a good complexion and a good foundation. Concealer will cover imperfections, and foundation will even out your skin. Make sure you choose the right shade that will not deviate much from the color of your body. Another important thing, autumn brings us colder weather as well as a lot of wind. These are all factors that can dry out our skin. For this reason, choose a dewy foundation.

Dark Lipstick

If you have to choose the right time for a dark lipstick, it’s definitely autumn, right? I love the darker shades of lipstick. I love the contrast I get on my face that way. Are you brave enough to wear these shades of lipstick? I would really like to hear different opinions. I used to be an eternal lover of nude shades, until I discovered quite by accident how darker shades look to me. So go ahead. Let this fall be an opportunity to try a lot of new things.

Volumizing Mascara or False Lashes

I am a supporter of emphasizing either lips or eyes. If I choose a dark lipstick, I often do not apply shadows but only mascara. It’s my favorite look. So choose the right mascara for fall that will make your eyes dramatic and mystical. Today, the choice of mascara is great. You can choose one that works on both the length and density of your lashes. False eyelashes are a great choice too. Honestly, I’m not good at putting it on. That makes it easier for me to use mascara. But if you did, that’s definitely great news. Each of your autumn makeup will look even more beautiful. It is actually the fastest and safest way to get the most beautiful lashes. I envy all the girls who are good at putting on.

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Autumn Eyeshadow

As for the autumn colors of shadows, for me they are various shades of brown, as well as green, burgundy and dark red. If you are a fan of this product, autumn is a great time to try all the shades you want! Personally, warm neutral colors are best for me, but I will suggest everything that I think can look great. Always opt for a palette that has several shades, because that way you can achieve professional make-up. Lighter tones go closer to the nose, along the edge of the eye, while darker shades go towards the end of the eye. Be careful when choosing the texture of the shadows, so that you can easily blend and even them out. This will give a much more natural look, and the eye will look more beautiful.

Hello Autumn Eyeshadow

This would be some of my list, and what does yours look like? Would you add another product? Maybe a blush in some darker shade? And I’m thinking about it. I didn’t mention it, because I don’t use it often, but maybe now is the time to try it. Or liner in green, brown. It’s something that’s not common to me, and I honestly don’t know how it suits me. So feel free to share your advice and impressions.

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