Essentials Of Streetwear Design

Essentials Of Streetwear Design

So you want to learn more about steetstyle basic rules and become a streetstyler…  I can definitely understand you. Many people after winter during first warm months want to refresh their closet and to try a new style. Many want to try something brave and bright. Something you wanted to wear for a while but was a little bit scared. The spring – beginning of summer is the best time for risky decisions in clothes.

During first hot and sunny days we have more options for fun outfits, rather than wearing a boring winter jacket and a beanie. Although of course true street fashionistas will find a way how to look cool in any weather even when it’s very cold or its rainy and you have no mood to dress nice today. But if you chose to start during these warm days , it’s right choice. The main thing is to make a first step and you’ll find easy and fun road. Streetstyle fashion has some essentials every fashion lover should know, so if you have never heard of them, I recommend checking the list I prepared for you on your way to the more stylish you. If you will start following these rules, people around and even you will notice how your outfit game became stronger.

Copying Designs, Artwork, Logos, And Other Parts Of The Fashion Brand Is Illegal.

Many people DIY brands’ logos, copying exact the same print as the design on one of the clothing items of a brand. Not only it’s illegal to do because you’re literally stealing the work of someone else, but fake designs look cheap and unoriginal.

Instead of copying brands, think what you can create. Something original and not banal. Something that reminds about your own aesthetic. You can create so much better things than using a logo of one of the biggest bands. Use your imagination.

Use Magic Of Color Matching

Most of streetstylers absolutely in love with bright colors and matching the colors people rarely match. Using color, that what makes you a street styler.

Don’t be afraid to play with neon. Experiment with different colors and shades at home. Mix something you doubt can be looking good together. Think about what not banal color mixes you can wear. Take some inspiration from photos of fashion bloggers. Look at photos of nature. Very often that it’s nature that inspires many famous designers to create their new collections. Nature often has such a beautiful palette that look very harmonically while still really banal.

Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Something Unusual And Unique

Why to be scared of wearing clothes that you. It doesn’t matter what others think about your outfit. Only thing that matters how you are feeling wearing this outfit. Happier? More confident? More motivated to achieve your goals? That’s the whole point.

Believe me there is always someone who will be in love with your look. And it will happen most likely if you will be wearing the clothes you dream to wear, rather than you will be wearing typical clothes everyone wear in your town.

Make Sure You Have Enough Of Versatile Clothes

One thing that happens to us all a lot is buying clothes that catch our eyes. If it catches our eyes than most likely it is something bright, or very colorful, or shiny, or has unusual design e.t.c. This type of clothes is extremely hard to match with other clothes. Especially if big part of your closet are consisted from items you bough like this. It’s very important to have something in closet that is versatile and can be worn together with more interesting items. This way you’ll be looking so much more stylish than wearing all bright and unusual clothes together.

DIY And Thrift Stores Are Your Affordable Friends

You might think to renew your wardrobe can costs extremely expensive. Well, it can be, unless you will ask for help of your friends like thrift or vintage stores. And old good one – DIY. This way it won’t be only clothes for you. It will be your hobby and lifestyle. Vintage stores have their own unique vibes that you’ll. There you can easily find the coolest clothes nobody has in your town. You’ll be the only person wearing this exact beautiful outfit.

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