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All the people living in this imperfect world always look up to living in a  perfect world, a world where every time they wake up they have flawless skin which glows forever.  But not everyone gets the skin they wish for. Only those who have suffered from acne or marks as a teen or maybe as an adult knows how stressful it is, especially when it draws the attention of the crowd to your face. Suffering from all these they have no other choice than to use make-up to hide their marks and other imperfections. This is how they succeed in making a statement with their look. Just as a  great makeup artist makes any scar disappear, any individual can do so if they know how to make the best use of their make-up kit.

The present world is home to various beauty industries which manufacture millions of products that help women in hiding their scars, marks, and other discolorations. After having all the essentials all we need is the right tips and tricks that will help us to get the flawless and glowing skin we all want. So today we will be sharing the best ways of using make-up to hide all the marks following which anyone can have flawless skin and show off to the world with utmost confidence. 

Determination Of Your Skin Type To Use Makeup.

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The very first and very important step before applying any makeup on your skin is to determine your skin type. After doing so you need to use only the makeup equipment that suits your skin type else you may not get the desired results. Hence knowing your skin type becomes the first priority to applying any makeup. You need to select a texture that goes well with your skin type. Those having oily skin should avoid using dewy foundations as it can make your skin much oilier as a result of which it may break down much faster. People falling into the opposite criteria of having dry skin should go for dewy and moisturizing textures. You should also make sure that your skin is clean and moisturized in order to give your makeup a proper starting surface.

Using Primer

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Using primer is considered making a smart investment for your entire makeup needs. Primer helps in many ways. Firstly it creates an additional layer between our skin and the makeup we use. Secondly, it works to minimize the overall appearance of pores. Apart from these, it controls sebum on our skin and hence keeps our oiliness in check. There are primers of various types and brands available in the market.  The best type of primers is those which are non-sticky and don’t leave any white cast on the skin.

 Using Concealer

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Concealers are the best thing to use to hide small areas of pigmentation and scars. Concealers can be used in areas under the eyes and around the area of the nose and mouth. However one needs to be careful while choosing the texture of the concealer. The texture should go well with your skin type. The concealer with the correct shade and texture is capable of bringing out a huge difference in anyone’s face. Concealers are highly recommended while using makeup. Concealers of various brands are present in the market at an easily affordable price. A cotton swab can be used to apply it over the face. While using it remember to apply the concealer above your scars in a criss-cross pattern.

After you have applied the Concealers over your marks and scars you need to wait for some time for the makeup to set properly into your skin. Meanwhile, at this time you can use some other type of concealer to cover up the darkness under your eyes . Concealers always give us the best results.

Using Foundation

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As we all know that there are many types of foundations put at the stores. But how do we choose the best one? There are some foundations that are long-lasting and promise 24-hour results. You can always go with these foundations as they won’t fade away after a couple of hours rather it lasts for a much longer time.  By using these foundations you can avoid all the midday touch-ups. Apart from these, there are some waterproof cosmetics too. These can be a good choice for those who sweat a lot.  However regular usage of waterproof makeup can clog your skin pores hence it is not recommended to use them much often.

While using foundations make sure that your usage depends upon your coverage needs. If you are using it to cover just a few marks then you use some light foundation to even out your overall skin tone.

So these were some of the products you can use to cover up scars and marks. All of these are very effective and will surely give you the desired results. You just need to take care of some things. You should always choose the textures that suit your skin type. Also, you should use these products within a limit as excessive use that too for a long time may cause some skin problems.

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