What Nail Colors Are in for Summer?

What Nail Colors Are in for Summer?

 What is the best time for experiments with your manicure? Of course, it’s our favorite summertime. When it is so sunny outside everyone wants just be as bright as the sun in midday. During the summer months, we love to play with different patterns and neon colors we usually don’t wear in colder seasons. When we are wearing our bright-colored outfits we think it is enough as we don’t want to look “too much”. This is actually a common mistake.  Colorful manicure and pedicure level up your outfit game. It makes you look so much more harmonically. This way not only does your outfit look super fun and eye-catching but whole you.

 So if you want to be a beauty queen of summer 2022, you might be curious what exact manicure styles will be popular in the second part of 2022 and what color should you choose when you are in your favorite beauty store.

Now, most people choose gel nail polishes over usual ones as they last more. You can make trendy manicure trends with any type of nail polishes you prefer, but we totally recommend you this summer to play with old good nail polishes. This way, you can try even more fun hot season nail styles and colors. Actually, if you will do research on the internet, you can find good nail polish brands. Some of their polishes may last to two weeks. Give it a try! It’s easy, fast and way cheaper. Perfect for summer!

Usually during summer neon colors are the most popular. Neon lime green, yellow, hot pink, orange or sea blue. Many ladies are confused about what color they should choose and choose 5 of different nail polish colors. On every single nail, there is a different color. By the way, such an easy and fun manicure is very trendy in 2022 too.

We noticed that this year’s usual summertime palette changed. Designers and beauty gurus recommend choosing more elegant versions of nail polishes we used to wear to the beach. Most of the trendy nail polishes are still bright and juicy, but either with a hint of darkness, or its pastel shades. In 2022 it’s recommended to mix bright colors with pastel versions of these colors. This way your manicure will look super trendy and more classy. Let’s take a closer look at trends for nail polishes this season ( but we are sure they will be trendy for at least the next few years).

First shade we are sure will be perfect for summer dates in fresh air. Especially good sunset gazing. That’s orange but not orange like a fruit or a Halloween pumpkin we are used to. Hide this color until the spooky season and better try something new and fresh looking. This nail polish color is called “trading paint” and it reminds us of our favorite summer fruits like mango or peach. Also, it’s a shade of midsummer sky before the starry sky. This color looks great on all skin shades making you look healthy and fresh.

A color that mixes great with orange is, of course, yellow. Definitely must try this summer. Especially with these new shades. This certain shade is named as “bee-hind the scenes” but we think it is not very hard to find pastel yellow shade in any beauty store in your town. We love that it’s not overly screams sun during a midday. We would say it more reminds us to a lemon with sugar and refreshing.

Another super refreshing color that will look amazing with any girly outfit is lavender. Classic that always will relevant. Looks very tender and neat. Depends on your outfit might help you look classy as edgy too. With this one color you can rock so much different styles!

The next one is the dream color of every girl no matter what her age. As many years ago we all played with a doll called Barbie that has exactly the same shade of pink. Agree that we wanted to look like her when we will grow up. Now when we all are grown-ups it’s time for us all to make our childhood dream come true.

This color is inspired by ’90s and Y2k. Fashion from these decades is the trendiest now so it’s the best time to try our old wish we always wanted to try but some just forgot about it.

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