While hair salons were closed for a better part of 2020, many people have been giving themselves a bubblegum pink makeover by using temporary hair dye at home. Pink hair is also known as Pandemic Pink Hair was all over social media. Many people loved the new look and color, and have been creating visually-interesting content while in isolation.

It was also around that time that the hashtag #ShowYourRoots emerged across the social media that aims to encourage people to avoid damaging home bleaching and root touch-up kits. This is why pink hair became popular as people embrace the missed trips to their hair salon. As such, they have decided to make it more permanent. There have been plenty of pastel pinks at the beginning of the year and it is still trending. If you are asking what hair color is in for 2021, well no doubt it is going to be pink. People want some excitement in their life and are more playful with their hair color.

Pink is like the breakout color trend that everyone wants. Even celebrities like Dua Lip and Taylor Swift have gone baby pink and the results are amazing. Fashionistas, beauty bloggers and Youtubers have adopted this modern, stylish look. Pink is an incredibly on-trend shade and great choice for those who are a bit bored with their current color and want a playful update.

The thought of dyeing your hair pink may sound intriguing, fun, challenging to some people and also a bit intimidating to others. This hue is super versatile and has many different shades and variants, which made it very popular. You can get a bold or a very subtle pink look and everything in between. There is no harm in exploring it if you like the idea of having pink hair. The fun color below may inspire you to be a bit daring and take a leap into trying something completely different.

Peach Pink Hair is a subtle shade for women who want to incorporate a bit of pink into their natural shade. It is a cute light blend of golden and peach shades.

Light Pink Streaks is ideal for those who do not want a full head of pink. The pink highlights area cute and exciting accent to any look.

Light Pink Hair is perfect for those do not want to transition into a deep pink. This color is a gorgeous choice for fair skin and blue eyes.

The dark pink tone is one of the most interesting hair trends you may want to try if you are daring enough. This bright and stunning hue looks good on any skin color.

Pink Underneath Blonde Hair is a style where the blonde tones on top are set off by fuschia or bubblegum pink layers underneath. This style is perfect for bob hairstyle that want a splash of colors.

If you also love purple and can’t pick between going pink or purple, why not mix the two together? The romantic lavender and pink blend start with a dark root. This look is very vibrant and bright.

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