The 6 Biggest Haircut Trends to Try This Spring

The 6 Biggest Haircut Trends to Try This Spring

The past few years have been somewhat chaotic, to put it mildly. Things whether personal or professional have been all over the place. However, now that he who must not be named is on the down-low, it is time this spring to let our engines run.

The biggest thing to rectify first is our hair. Haircuts go a long way. They basically are game-changers for anyone looking to start fresh. This is the reason why we have rounded the six biggest haircut trends to try this spring.

Layers and Layers

Giving an ode to the past covid-free years, when layers were famous, this spring also calls for the reinvented layers. Where before layers were sported on their own, now the spin in the sense of bangs has been added together.

The collaboration of the two haircuts has been making round within the hair community and is seen well-received by many celebrities as well, such as Billie Eilish’s Oscar 2022 look.

The layers and the bangs are styled in such ways that it allows the hair to keep away from the face, which is what is mostly preferred.

If you want to update and reinvent your style this haircut should be the go-to!

Midi Bob

Medium length hair is a personal favorite and when you add bob into the conversation it just makes things a hundred percent better!

The haircut itself can be described using the two words very aptly: chic and tough. The outwards look and the medium length makes the whole haircut look so much more expensive than it may actually be.

This is certainly a haircut for those looking for a chic commitment, without putting in the heating works.

The Sliced Cut

This is another popular trend, that you definitely need to hop on. The sliced or the angled cut if you may –  is a timeless cut this spring.

The usual or the olden days method was to provide dimensions with layers, however the newer version calls for the hair to be cut in such angled or sliced way that without doing much, the angle itself just makes the hair feel voluminous and healthier.

This type of haircut can be your best friend, if you fine thin hair. Just the haircut without any added supplies will do wonders for you!

Wispy Bangs

Inspired from the great 70s era, the haircut is a new take on the original or the more basic curtain bangs.

While on the outwards both do have the same qualities, with bangs over the forehead, however, wispy bangs are a little more modern.

The best thing about this type of haircut is that wispy is another word for outward layers. While bangs can be a little high-maintenance with layers, they become incredibly manageable as the sheer cut itself provides the volume.

A great haircut for someone who is looking to try their hand at bangs, with a spin!

Modern Mullet

When you hear the words modern mullet, it screams Miley Cyrus. Seeing Miley go from haircut to haircut, I think we prefer the modern mullet Miley.

The haircut is long in the back, with some fun bangs in the front. This type of haircut is great for someone looking to get the best of both worlds (unintended pun, but you get it).

This haircut leave you free to style your hair however you want it. The good thing about is, it is manageable even in the warm and sticky weather, without your bangs going all out on you.

The Bixie 

No this isn’t a made up name. This haircut is actually one of the hottest and up and coming haircuts of this spring.

It is a combination of pixie and a bob cut. This trendy look offers the full experience of a short pixie and the playability of a bob.

If you are one who loves short hair, this is a fashionable haircut for you!

Spring calls for freshness and trying out new trends will change the game for you!

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