The Best of TikTok Jewelry Trends You Can Try This Spring

Do you always go on social media like Instagram and TikTok?  These platforms are great for connecting people and also showing you many informative items. It is also entertaining to see the latest trends in fashion and accessories.Social media, especially TikTok has a huge influence on today’s trends. Many fashion influencers, content creators and celebrities use TikTok to connect and show their fashion styles. 

The New Year often spurs a few ‘new you’ interests and this means a wardrobe refresh is needed. One of the most exciting ways to ensure a fun and personalized look is of course jewelry. If you want to know what are the best TikTok jewelry trends that can try this Spring 2022, do scroll down.  Be prepared to add color to your jewelry collection as you explore trending TikTok jewelry trends.

Jewelry That Is Trending On TikTok

Thick Gold Chains

The early years of hip-hop saw the rappers routinely rock some of the biggest gold chains, watches, rings and pendants. Now, the 70s jewelry trend is making a huge comeback. Think Cuban link chains and chain bracelets. Get one of these chains and you will definitely stop the show.

Helloice Women's 8mm Iced Cuban Chain in White Gold
Helloice Women’s 8mm Iced Cuban Chain in White Gold

Pearls and More Pearls

One of the most prominent jewelry trends now is pearl and the internet has given it a new term – Pearlcore. Pearls were seen everywhere on the runway in new and unexpected ways. They can be found in various styles, sizes, color combinations and even paired with bright beads. If you are looking to jump onto this pearlcore trend, remember that the piece you choose to wear should be the centerpiece of your look. Perhaps a denim jacket with matching pearl effect sunglasses or a top with embroidered pearls.

Colorful Chunky Rings

Vibrant and fun chunky resin rings are trending hard right now. These rings add a youthful pop of colors to your ring collection. You can also stack as many as you like together. 

Large Hoops

Hoop earrings are a staple in a woman’s jewelry collection. Hoops can add flair and elevate the most casual look, no matter if you are in your favorite jeans and tee or sweatpants and a baggy shirt. Hoop earrings from small to chunky to oversize in silver and gold, continue to be everyday essentials.

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