What Are the Ultimate Tips for Selecting Good Yoga Clothes?

What Are the Ultimate Tips for Selecting Good Yoga Clothes?

Yoga is a relaxing and simple type of exercise, but not everyone knows what kind of clothes and accessories to wear. The most important thing is comfort: choose blouses, t-shirts, shorts, and light, airy, and comfortable pants so you can move well. Then gather or buy accessories such as hair clips, gloves, socks, and the like.

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  • Choosing a blouse or T-shirt

Wear a relatively tight shirt. Choose a shirt that’s not too tight or too baggy and is made from an airy material like cotton, spandex, or nylon. This way, you won’t get hot while doing the postures and the fabric won’t fall on your face in inverted positions. If you sweat a lot when you exercise, wear a dark-colored T-shirt so the sweat is less obvious.

Don’t wear shirts with a low neckline or low neckline, as people might end up seeing what they shouldn’t.

Attention: do not use cotton if you are going to do hot yoga, as the material retains sweat and is heavy and uncomfortable, nylon is the most suitable

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  • Wear a tight tank top for a greater range of motion

Tank tops are much airier than shirts with sleeves, especially in the shoulder and arm area. Choose a well-fitting garment that is not baggy in the bust or waist area. Try a few different postures to see if it really suits you, we have the example you can follow above, the sports bra and shorts set.

Tank tops are ideal for doing power yoga, a modality in which the person must change position several times in a short time.

Some tank tops have more airy cuts.

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  • Wear athletic shorts to keep out of the heat.

Sports shorts are tight-fitting, which does not limit leg movement. Wear a garment made from a material that absorbs moisture to keep the heat away, and try a few different postures to test it out.

Buy the sports shorts at Cosmolle, they have beautiful colors and quality. Do not wear compression shorts as they can limit your range of motion.

Most sports shorts are made to be worn without other garments underneath, the garment above you can choose to use seamless lingerie that does not mark the garment.

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  • Wear comfortable, tight-fitting leggings.

Buy leggings made of absorbent material so you don’t sweat during class, you can opt for the long sleeve legging set. If you intend to do power or hot yoga, choose a piece that goes down to your calves. If you intend to do regular yoga, wear an ankle-length garment. Test run to see if everything is right before starting.

Some light-colored leggings are practically see-through when stretched. Look in the mirror before leaving the house the choose neutral colors.

If you wear leggings, the instructor will be able to see your body position better and know if the exercise is happening correctly.

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