Earring Style Guide: Types of Earrings for Round Face

Earring Style Guide

Accessories are a very important part of fashion in these times. that is why you need to get your jewelry game on point. one of the most used accessory pieces is earrings. Now with earrings, you can get different styles, designs, colors, shapes, and textures. In this article, we are going to be talking about earrings that are great for round faces. You can get away with wearing any shape, color, or texture of earrings regardless of your face shape. But, if you want to look your best, these tips will help you get the right ones. The focus today is on folks with round faces, we love you and have done the painstaking necessary research to guide you on your earring-buying/collection journey.

We will be discussed based on color, shape, and texture, in helping with identifying the best choices for round faces.


We sometimes overlook the supremacy color has on a lot of things, fashion pieces inclusive. The shade of color can make so much difference. The other thing to emphasize is the color combos involved in the print design of these pieces. Kindly note that the colors mentioned below are not the only ones that flatter a round-shaped face. Also, consider your skin shade when picking out your pieces based on ‘color’.


This color has a dazzling nature which helps to draw light and attention away from the chin and the need, giving the illusion of a slimmer face. Perfect for making a statement. Just pay with other golden accessories.


Silver gives off elegance with its sparkle and it helps to soften ones facial features and reduce the appearance of roundness. Great for weddings, and any look that you want to pull off a soft chic look. Getting them in fun styles helps a great deal. Cause, why do boring?


It has a way of making one look like money. Green symbolizes growth and this helps to lengthen one’s structure and create a more edge-like illusion on the face. Green does this by reflecting light on certain areas that transform the way one looks.


When choosing accessories, the form it comes in very handy to either reduce focus on certain features. And same goes for earrings. Stay clear of styles that feature circles or are circular in shape.

I. Oval

You can never go wrong with an oval-shaped drop earring. Always give royalty/princess vibes. A ponytail or pulled-back hairstyle would give what it needs to give.

II. Triangle

Amazing for your neck and gives edgy with a twist. Go for bold/big density hair styles and see your face look so slim, you’d want to stick to this combo.

III. Square

Just so chic! Wearing a cute square shaped diamond embellished earring just says ‘you can not talk to me anyhow’.

IV. Star

Going for bold? Then go for a big star design. You can always go for a smaller star earring if you’re going for subtle and simple.


The way the material used in making these earrings appear, whether rough, smooth, shiny, or matte affects the way light hits different features of the face. Rougher textures are best for round faces. Smooth shiny textures only widen your facial features.

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