The Minimalist Jewelry Trend That You Should Know

If you love wearing earrings and are looking for a unique pair to buy, then you may want to take a look at threader earrings. These sleek and delicate styles can be effortlessly threaded through pierced ears and style any looks, from T-shirt and jeans to a party dress. These effortlessly chic earrings are lightweight and easy to wear for long stretch. Threader earrings have been spotted on the red carpets and the social media feeds of style influencers for some time now. They are the easy jewelry trend that is about to take over.

Threader earrings are daintier than the typical drop earring style and yet more statement making than a pair of gold chunky earrings. Featuring a long, super thin chain that is meant to thread through your piercings, threader earrings are often punctuated by gemstones, diamonds or pearls. Their length can be anywhere from three to six inches.

When can you wear threader earrings?

While bold, statement making jewelry is no doubt very fun, simple, pared-back jewelry like the threader earrings are eternally chic. The unique and innovative design of threader earrings help to elevate your style effortlessly. Compared to traditional hoops and studs, threaders are more delicate and ideal for any occasion. They are great with any outfits and hairstyles.

Without trying too hard or looking overly trendy, the chain-link design is eye-catching and unique.  In short, you could wear them every day without getting bored.  They will make any outfit you put on instantly look 10 times cooler. Ahead are some of the best threader earrings that you may want to add to your cart.

Everyone needs at least one pair of ear threaders in their accessory arsenal. This chic pair can be worn solo or paired with other huggies and ear cuffs.

Add a pop of color to your ear with this blue and white diamond pair.

Pearls and chain definitely showcase the best of both worlds. These pearl thread earrings make for an elegant addition to any outfit.

These birthstone threader earrings make a good birthday gift. 

The natural elegance these threader earrings will elevate any outfits. So basically, if you are looking to add a jewelry staple to your collection, this style will transform your earring game, and you will never want to wear anything else.

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