7 Types of Makeup Brushes and How To Use Them

Every makeup lover should have a decent brush collection. Brushes help the makeup glide smoothly and evenly, producing a flawless finish. They also make putting on makeup quick and straightforward. If you’re new to makeup, a nice pair of brushes will make the procedure much easier.

There are many different brush types, so knowing which ones to use in your beauty routine is crucial to avoid using the incorrect brush. Here is a list of essential brushes and their usage handpicked by experienced, famous makeup artists for you to add to your collection.

1. Foundation Brush

A decent flat foundation brush will have bristles that are straight, and flexible, but firm and can be used to apply foundation to your face. It enables you to maintain all of the product on your skin when applying a full-coverage foundation.

The proper way to get the best result is to gently apply foundation to your face and blend it with the brush in a smooth downward motion.

2. Stippling Brush

This brush is fantastic for concealing imperfections and dark spots! The brush’s top is made of duo-fiber bristles, which produce a light, delicate application that looks incredibly natural.

It’s great for applying foundation, bronzer, blush, powder, and highlighter.  The top bristles of this stippling brush generate small spots of product on your skin, while the bottom layer bristles blends and adheres the product to your skin rather than absorbing it.

3. Concealer Brush

Concealers can mask flaws and brighten up shadowy areas of the face after applying foundation. You’ll want to use a little flat concealer brush for the best result. In essence, a concealer brush resembles a very tiny foundation brush. It has the shape of a paintbrush but is a little denser.

 Apply a little amount of concealer to the targeted region with a concealer brush, and then delicately pat the product onto your skin to make it blend in with your foundation.

4. Powder Brush

A powder brush is one of the many distinct kinds of brushes. It is big, fluffy, and domed-shaped to apply the product evenly to the face. Since powder brushes are made to disperse the product uniformly, you can apply the powder very lightly while using it. In fact, before applying the product to your face, you should tap off any extra that is on the brush.

To choose the ideal powder brush, look for natural or synthetic SOFT hairs; this will guarantee that the brush will mix all the products and won’t irritate the skin on your face.

5. Blush Brush

The blush brush is frequently fluffy, smaller than powder brushes, and some have an angle to make applying blush simpler.

When applying powder blush, start on the apples of your cheeks and softly work your way outward toward your temples, applying most of the product there. If you’re applying a cream blush, use a stippling stroke for the most natural look.

6. Contour

Contour brushes differ from blush brushes in that they are often denser and perform well with powders and creams.

So feel free to use this brush also to blend your cream contour!

They also come in a flat variant, making application much easier.

Apply your contour product—powder or cream—to your face between your jawbone and high cheekbones using your contour brush.

7. Bronzer Brush

A bronzer brush looks like a blush brush, but it, usually has an angle that makes applying it easier.

Apply bronzer in a large sweeping motion in the shape of a “3” to your temples, cheek hollows, and jawline after dipping the brush in a tiny amount of the product. Make sure to thoroughly buff it out to ensure that no sharp lines remain.

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