How to become a fashion blogger on Instagram?

Instagram is the world’s second most used app after Facebook, so one can imagine the number of people that are on Instagram. But there’s another why Instagram is growing more and more popular each day, it’s the most easily accessible and a place to simply connect with the fashion industry from any part of the world.

Whether you’re a model, a fashion designer or even a fashion critic, Instagram is where you should head first and foremost. Maybe it has something to do with the designing of this app (post images and captions below) that draws more audience.

The other reason can be the fact that Instagram has already gained a lot of fame in a short time that people who want to make their own names in the fashion world feel prone into making an epic fashion Instagram profile.

If you also happen to be a fashion blogger in the making and are thinking to expand your expertise on fashion via Instagram, then keep on reading.

As an “influencer” or a fashion blogger there are certain key points that always must be remembered if you want to keep your audience engaged. But most importantly you need utter belief and confidence in yourself and your work as a fashion blogger for you to accomplish.

Here are 5 requirements of running a trending fashion blog on Instagram:

1 Unique and Stylish name for your blog:

In order to be remembered by the audience, you need to pick a name that is unique and says a little about the kind of fashion related content they can expect from your blog. But don’t worry too much about the name because even if the name doesn’t do much your work will speak for itself.

2 Select a theme or order of running things around the blog:

Being random when it comes to fashion blogging will not help you much. But following a theme and posting pictures in order of colours or seasonal fashion trends will keep the following more interested and captivated.

3 Keep an inspiration vision board:

One of the great things about Instagram is that you can save posts that you like in a collection area. This can be very helpful when you see something that catches your eye and inspires you to make a fashion blog involving it.

4 Follow fashion models and fashion figures:

Make sure to fill your following list with the top fashion models and influencers so you can always stay ahead in the game and keep updated onto the latest fashion trends and styles.

5 Get a photographer:

After if you’re running a fashion blog on Instagram you will surely need to upload top notch pictures and for that you will require a photographer who knows how to capture the perfect Instagram worthy pictures.

If you prefer not to model for your own blog, you can always hire other pretty and beautiful models to work for you. This will also give them the opportunity and a platform to get recognized. More fashion tips, please visit here

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