Top 5 Winged Eyeliner Hacks for Makeup Beginners

Who wouldn’t want to seal the makeup deal with a sassy winged eyeliner that takes the final look of your face to a whole new dimension? Unfortunately, to achieve a winged eyeliner is not a piece of cake as most people think it is. Although it is not entirely impossible to get hold of this skill, this might take some time and, most importantly, lots of practice.

Although blessing those beautiful eyes with a winged eyeliner can take your makeup another level up; nevertheless, you need to make sure that in order to achieve the required result, you follow the rules and techniques to get the perfect and neat look.

Even though you may be a beginner in the fascinating world of makeup and its many elements, by going stepwise, you will be able to apply a winged eyeliner flawlessly on your very first attempt.

Start with pencil eyeliner:

It is only a matter of time until you can slide that eyeliner across your lids. However, in order to avoid shaky movements of the hand or mishaps during the application, one should start with a pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is less messy and can be easily removed in cases where the applied results are not satisfactory. Moreover, you also have the benefit of trying out different wings to see which one best suits your eyes.  

Use a gel liner next:

A gel liner is comparatively denser than a liquid eyeliner. You can easily apply it with a stiff brush. This will enhance your grip over your eyeliner, and with time and practice, you will be able to keep steady control during application. Moreover, for beginners, the gel liner also proves to be less messy than liquid eyeliner.

The dotting hack:

Take yourself back to the nursery classes when you were asked to trace the alphabet in order to learn how to write them. Similarly, draw small dots across your lash line with an eyeliner pencil. Once you have attained a satisfactory traceable framework, you can easily use a liquid liner to join the dots. This technique reduces the chances of messing up your eyeliner or getting a jagged result.  

Use a concealer to hide those blemishes:

Messing up with the corners and sharp ends of your eyeliner is inevitable. However, you can easily use a concealer to hide those blemishes. Try not to use water or makeup remover to hide your smudges, as it only gives a messier afterlook. The best way to get away from your linear mistakes is by putting some concealer with an angled brush.  

The ends of a business card to get the perfect bend:

Use the sharp edges of a business card to give the wing of your eyeliner a sleek yet sexy flick. The rigid structure of the card will give you a stable background against which you can draw a straight line that bends evenly at an angle on both sides.

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