How Can a Girl with a Short Neck Wear Better?

In fashion, it’s common for the general public to look at your style from head to toe without obsessing over the little details. As a woman, insecurity is our best enemy that can make you feel down or challenge you to look for better ways to dress up.

Whether you have a short or long neck, appropriate styling can help your outfit look overall. You’ll have a proportionate upper and lower torso, and you won’t look chunky or frumpy. To best match accessories with your clothes, look at your mirror and imagine your body wearing various clothing pieces so you have a vision of what will or won’t look right.

1. Choose V-Neck Over Round Neck

Round necklines can emphasize your short neck by limiting your chin’s height and the top’s neckline’s lowest point. On the other hand, v-neck shirts and dresses give more space around the neck, with the lowest point of the neckline pointing downwards, giving the illusion of a longer neck.

2. Create Vertical Lines in Your Upper Torso

Compared to horizontal lines that can make you look plumper and shorter, vertical lines can give the illusion of a longer upper torso, including your neck.

If you also want to look slimmer, using this tip will help the lines give you a more elongated form and look.

Create Space Around Your Neck

By limiting your chest and neck area’s space, your neck will visibly be shorter; hence, it’s best to invest in V-Neck tops or open the first two buttons of your blouses.

By creating more space around your neck and collarbone, you’re giving the impression of a long neck because there’s a continuous flow of skin from your face to your chest area.

3. Put Your Hair in a Beautiful Up-Do

If you don’t have many clothes to help create a long neck illusion, you can always style your hair in a gorgeous up-do. This way, you’re creating more space around your neck and chest area.


Invest in V-Shape Necklace with Small Pendants

Rounded necklaces with oversized pendants tend to cover a considerable part of your neck, blocking the elongated form from the face down to the chest.

Like with your clothes, instead of wearing short and rounded necklaces, invest in jewelry that creates a v-shape or has an elongated shape to create more space around your chest area. When worn with a long chain, small pendants can make your face slimmer and neck more prominent.  

4. chloe Adjustable Necklace

Avoid Chokers and Long Earrings

Long earrings tend to emphasize short necks, especially if the earrings are longer than your neck’s length. At the same time, chokers overpower the size of your neck, making it look chubby and unbalanced. Thin and long chains with a small pendant and stud earrings work best with short necks.

Sequin Choker Necklace

These tips are also applicable to petite women or those with wider necks. The best key to wearing the clothes you already own is to ensure that you’re wearing complementary pieces together that fits your body type as well. Remember that your accessories can play a significant role in giving the illusion of a longer neck, thinner waist, or slimmer face enhancing your over-all daily look, so always use them wisely.


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