The New Take on Leather Jacket This Winter

The New Take on Leather Jacket This Winter

Leather jackets give you a look that portrays competence, edginess, and toughness and makes you look super-hot, be it as a woman or a man. They get you seen from a mile away while keeping you warm during winter. Strongly recommend you choose neutral colors such as nude, black and white. This makes it easier to pair for layering purposes. Often, these leather jacket designs suitable for winter are stylish and versatile.


As with everything in life, we have pros and cons to wearing leather jackets in winter. These are some of the good that comes with wearing them in winter.

  1. Warmth

Leather is a thick material and so it helps to lock in heat and prevent you from freezing when its cold.

  • Stylish

The texture of these jackets makes for a shiny addition, and this can help with looking great even in winter. There is also something bold about wearing ‘leather’, it just makes you look cool.

  • Durability

You would need to do a lot of work to cut open or destroy one of these. They also last for a long time even with frequent use. Washing does not shrink leather so that’s a really good thing.

  • Functional

They are great for moving around and can be worn to a lot of places. You can rock them to church, school, work or even the club.

  • Versatility

Leather jackets can be worn in combination with a lot of fashion pieces. They can be paired with gowns, jumpsuits, skirts, shirts, and trouser pairs. They look good with absolutely everything.


  1. Not as insulating as Cotton/wool fabric

They do provide warmth but not as much as wool and cotton materials. So, make sure to layer as required depending on weather conditions.

  • Stiffness

While it is durable, it is most times stiff. This stiffness can be more depending on what design you purchase

  • Magnet for stubborn stains and tears

If not taken care of, they easily get stubborn stains and tears that become increasingly difficult to clean as the weather gets colder & wetter.

  • Extra weight/bulkiness

They are thick and this makes them heavy, this can affect a range of movement during winter. Cause as the weather gets cooler these leather jackets get heavier.

  • Heat Islands

With leather jackets in winter, if not layered with cotton or wool can cause a section(s) of your body to be hot and sweaty. This is because of them not being able to absorb moisture like other winter friendly fabric.



As a man in your prime or even in your teenage years, you should look to get sharp cut designs to enhance your masculine features and make you stand out. Go for darker colors too.


Ladies should look out for softer designs that promote their feminine features. Prioritize fur inclusion too as this screams high quality woman!


For the kids in the block, it is important to keep it comfy, fun and cute. You can do more colorful pieces for children or combine the neutral-colored leather jackets with colorful layers.

DAFFY Girls Black Shearling Jacket
DAFFY Girls Black Shearling Jacket

Old folks

You want them to be functional and comfortable. The style should lay emphasis on class and elegance. We want to say senior! Without having to say a word.

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